We are dedicated to bringing you holistic skin & face care at its best!


Magdalena Tomczak | WD founder | Holistic skin & facial therapist | Botanical skin care product formulator


Magdalena has a passion for creating holistic facial treatments. Her treatments work more than skin deep and are blissful, sensory journeys. She deeply believes that touch is powerful, plants help us heal and food is our medicine. A beauty and harmony seeking Nurturer, she has been fascinated with the art of healing since she was a little girl having watched her Mom lovingly prepare homemade remedies. This early life experience left such an impression on Magdalena that it led her to create Woman Divine and eventually to formulate the Woman Divine botanical skin care line of organic oils and balms.

Magdalena has completed studies in Massage Therapy, Applied Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Aromatherapy, Western and European Skin Care techniques, Subtle Energy Work, Deep Tissue Face Massage, Facial Rejuvenation including cranial, lymphatic and fascia work, Japanese Facelift Massage and Facial GuaSha technique. She is currently pursuing an Ayurveda study program.

Magdalena’s treatments are delivered with attentiveness and with mindful presence and are always custom tailored to your needs. She draws upon her knowledge and wisdom to help you create the best home skin care practice for you. 


Egle Uzus | Holistic skin & facial therapist | Ayurvedic beauty therapist


Egle's Northern European origins are an essential part of who she is - rooted in nature and living simply. Egle sees a strong connection between health and beauty. She chooses to cultivate these through facials and massage. She offers a compassionate intuitive healing touch which brings physical change, emotional healing and spiritual nourishment.

Egle's holistic skin care knowledge is deeply rooted in Ayurvedic beauty practices and European skin care techniques. For several years, she practiced with Sri Sri Ayurvedic cosmetics in Europe. And to deepen her knowledge of Ayurveda, she moved to a meditation centre in Quebec (The Art of living Ashram). During her six-year stay there, she was immersed in the Ayurvedic lifestyle, she delved into the realm of silence and deeply connected to nature. Here, she further mastered Ayurvedic beauty treatments and the deeply nourishing Marma Therapy.

In Europe Egle trained in Deep Tissue Face Massage, Fascia - Face, Neck and Decolette Massage. She is also well versed in Facial GuaSha technique.

Utilizing her extensive knowledge and intuition, Egle customizes each treatment to your needs and offers great guidance to keep your skin healthy and happy everyday.





Our unpretentious, little studio is tucked away on the second floor of a cozy building in the trendy Westboro neighbourhood of Ottawa. A discreet sign above our door will let you know, you’ve arrived.  Just steps away from the vibrant life of Richmond Road with its lovely boutiques and hip restaurants, we are proud members of an amazing community of small local businesses.

Dropping in does not usually work well and it may take a little wait to get your appointment with us but this should tell you that fantastic skin care is not the only thing you get here:) In addition to scrupulously crafted custom facials, facial massages and skin care consultations, you can explore our very own line of skin care products which is created right here in Ottawa with exceptional quality, local organic herbs and exotic oils from around the globe. It is Artisan skin care at its best!

We never advertise but have managed to develop a loyal following of happy customers, which we feel is the best testament to what we do. 

The serene and clean atmosphere of our studio is enhanced by soothing aromas floating in the air, soft music playing in the background and our relaxed and down to earth approach to beauty and skin care. We never rush and make sure that you always walk out with happy skin, a relaxed body and that feeling that the world around you has truly slowed down a bit.

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