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Pop-up visit by Marina Featherstone (RMT) Massage + Sensory Experience Artist.

There are few wonderful therapists around the world I have been lucky to connect with in the last couple of years. They are on my bucket list of 'treatments to experience by the best in the field'. I wish I could bring them all to Ottawa for you to meet because I know that they have something extra special to offer. I am thrilled to tell you that we will be hosting Marina Featherstone ( at the top of my bucket list:))  at Woman Divine July 18 & 19 and you will be able to experience her exquisite body massage.

Artful and deeply blissful massage movements are performed in concert with an anointing of exquisite and exclusive aromatic oils to transport you on the whims of indulgent resplendence.   A “tasting menu” of traditional world massage techniques are layered over a poetic tapestry of Marina’s signature “rhythm and flow” massage technique. 

Be welcomed into the session with the “rose ritual” multi-sensory experience. SOLD OUT