Receiving a deeply nurturing face treatment is a powerful medicine for you and your skin.

The effects of our treatments can be seen on the outside but are felt deep within.

We use Ayurvedic healing systems, proprietary face massage, local organic herbs as well as carefully selected oils from around the globe as a blueprint for creating face treatments which address your individual needs and in effect bring benefits beyond a healthy glow. From the quality of touch to the vibrancy of the local hand picked herbs used on your skin, healing forces are at work.

As the real and lasting change must start at the cellular level, we use massage to increase blood flow, drain lymph, improve cellular respiration and to release metabolic waste by relieving stress locked in the face, head, neck and shoulders. We also feed your skin with the purest and most potent botanicals, which contain powerful chemical compounds, antioxidants, minerals, phytonutrients, and essential fatty acids. To transform redness and inflammation, lack of luster, fine lines and wrinkles, discolouration, dryness and dehydration or excessive oiliness and blemishes we will craft a nurturing holistic face treatment that will leave your skin glowing and your body deeply relaxed and replenished.




WD Customized Face Treatment

60 min/$120+HST

Artfully delivered and repeatedly referred to by clients as “definitely more than a facial”, this result driven treatment is a healing and a highly sensory experience. Designed to improve the health of your skin and to relieve the impact of daily stress from your face, it will leave you in a state of deep rest, with a clearer, brighter, fresher and rebalanced skin. When taken up as a regular practice, Woman Divine Customized Face Treatment will profoundly affect the way you look and feel always keeping you and your skin on the right track. This treatment incorporates the Woman Divine line of handcrafted skin care products and an array of local organic herbs, healing clays and oils from around the world. It also uses various Woman Divine Face Massage techniques. And as always, the products and massage techniques that are used are most suited to you and your skin.

WD Customized Face Treatment

90 min/$160+HST

This treatment is an excellent choice for a first time visit, when your skin is in need of extra attention or simply because you love our treatments and 60 min does not feel long enough. Extended time assures you will get the full works, whatever it might be on the day of your visit. First time visit includes in-depth consultation.

WD Customized Face Massage


Applications of face massage are many and over the past 20 years we have mastered many effective face massage techniques. We can confidently support you through a custom tailored face massage for the purpose of the following:

Face lifting, Skin toning and vitalizing, Decongesting and de-puffing, Relief of neck, head and face tension, Relief of eye strain and tension, Relief of nervous system overload, Relief of physical and emotional tiredness and exhaustion, Blissful relaxation.

For lasting results, WD Customized Face Massage is best received in a series of treatments. Let us know if you are interested in WD Customized Face Massage series and we will create a plan for you.


WD FaceLift Massage

                        60min/$100+HST series of 12/$1080                               Woman Divine FaceLift Massage is designed to deeply rejuvenate, lift, firm and sculpt your face and neck. It is a blend of several healing massage techniques and may employ the use of the GuaSha tool. 

It works wonders on connective tissue, which is the seat of emotional tension. It helps to mobilize healthy lymph and blood flow, and it effectively clears stagnation of all sorts including puffiness and hyper-pigmentation. It lifts your face and neck, gives more definition to facial contour, diminishes wrinkles and expression lines and gives you clear vibrant glow.

Although many find that even one session improves the vibrancy of their skin, the WD FaceLift Massage treatment series is strongly recommended to achieve desired results.


WD Skin Care Consultation

30 min/$60+HST

This  skin care power session begins with a careful consideration of your skin care needs and concerns as well as a thorough skin analysis. Based on your requests and our finds we will create your personalized prescription for most effective holistic skin care.  

*You are welcome to bring your current skin care products for us to take a look at.  Make sure that your products come with the complete list of ingredients. 

WD Skin Health Consultation

coming soon:)