How can rosehip oil help your skin?

 Rosehip oil by woman divine

Out of all the  base oils out there  Rosehip Seed ( Rosa Mosqueta or Rosa Rubiginosa)is by far my favorite.

I have been using it for years with great result both in treatment with my clients and personally on my skin. It is highly regenerating to the skin, making it smooth and supple. Rosehip Seed oil is used to treat mature skin, wrinkles, pigmentation spots, scars and stretch marks as well as minor burns (great after too much sun exposure).
You can use it plain; just a few drops on a dump skin is enough to moisturize your face. I like to massage my face with it and sometimes I’ll go for a month or two using this oil as my only moisturizer. It is great!
Hair repair, is another option. It will nourish and hydrate damaged hair. Apply Rosehip oil to your hair 2 hours before washing, wrap a towel around your head, sip a herbal tea and relax. Shampoo twice (with a chemical free shampoo, please) and watch your locks shine:)) 

A word of caution;  as you see Rosehip oil is golden in colour and it will stain your pillow case or clothing if not given enough time to absorb into your skin. It has a slightly nutty smell (lovely). Skin absorbs it completely and this oil will not leave a greasy film.
It is high in Vitamin C, A and some E. It will go rancid relatively fast so best to keep a little bottle handy in the bathroom and store rest of it in the fridge.