Face Your Inner Reflection Workshop with Magdalena.

Workshop Woman Divine
I am very very excited about this one! It has been in the making for a very long time. This workshop is based on the work of some really cool people and my own 20 plus years' practical experience and observations. I hope you join us:) Registration starts next week at Woman Divine. You will be able to book the workshop online or you may email me at info@womandivine.ca or call 613 2167676; whichever is the easiest.
Face - Your Inner Reflection Workshop has been created out of the desire to deepen the awareness of the dynamic nature and beauty of your face.
Its intended outcome is an enhanced connection to self and the world around you as well as a greater appreciation of living in your own skin.
You will:
· Revisit your own definition of Beauty
· Explore your face as the map of your Being
· Learn practical tools to relax into your beauty
· Connect to your own feminine wisdom
What you need for this workshop:
Wear comfortable clothing
Bring a yoga mat or a blanket
Bring 1-2 photos of yourself with your favorite facial expression
If you like taking notes bring pen and paper
When: November 10th 10am - 12:30pm
Where: 1st Floor 351 Churchill Ave. N. Ottawa (downstairs from Woman Divine)
Fee: $45
Space is limited to nine participants.