The secret to the best facial ever!

I can not speak for other skin care professionals but in my approach glowing skin is as much of a treatment goal as it is invoking a state of deep relaxation. I actually do not see true skin healing taking place without addressing the body's need for relaxation and deep rest. 

Consequently I spend a great deal of time and energy on developing better skills to deliver both, glow and deep rest. The quality of my touch, aromatic oils, herbs and products I use and the rhythm of the massage all synergistically dictate your treatment outcome. 

But since there are two of us in a treatment room, I must tell you that you also play a big part and you too can contribute to the success of your facial treatment.  Your attitude, your focus and your mindful presence during treatment can take the whole experience from excellent to out-of-this-world amazing.

Next time you come to the studio, let me figure out what to apply, how and so on... I've got you covered:) But, how you show up during your facial is as important.

First, simple and obvious stuff.

1.Turn off your phone!!! It is disruptive, mostly to you and to tell the truth a little bit to me. An intruder of peace and flow, it constantly grabs your attention with its urgent sounds and pulls you away from yourself and into the world.... I know it is useful but not during the time you have designated for yourself.

2.Make a mental note to self that you do consciously designate this time for you and you only. Do not let your appointment be just another thing on your to do list. Leave the worries out the door and embrace peace and quiet. 

3.Best, not to receive any treatment including facials with a full stomach so do your best not to come after a big meal. 

4.Don't plan big parties or shopping or anything too engaging right after your treatment. Intentionally move slower. A few rest filled hours afterwords will add more benefit to your general wellbeing.

Clients often comment on how good they feel after the treatment. There is a lot happening with the body and mind because of the massage you received during your facial. The 'feeling good' feeling:) is much more than just a feeling. To sum it up:

-muscles and other tissues relax and are able to receive proper nourishment through increased blood supply. 

-there is an increased flow of life-giving oxygen to the tissues

-waste is flushed out and drained from the facial tissues

-massage brings fluidity back to your facial expression.

All of above bring on a healthy glowing complexion, good colour, good tone and elasticity to all skin layers, erasing wrinkles and helping hold the contours of your face.

 There is more:)

-massage of the face affects your nervous system, vital energy points located around the head and face (and there are many) and deeply nourishes and relaxes the entire body (as you have been able to experience with my treatments).

And you are able to enhance this benefit of your facial by tenfold if you only choose to stay present in your body as we work together. What do I mean?

Do not let your mind take control. Do not engage in thoughts about work, family, laundry, things that are stressful at the moment... Rather choose to listen to your body, follow your breath and let the insisting thoughts gently float away. The more present you are during your treatment the deeper we can reach that state which deeply nourishes and relaxes the entire body. Just watch and see.

I probably don't need to tell you about a stressed body and mind and how living in that state robs you of your vital energy and ultimately zaps joy out of your life. But sometimes we play stress down and say 'it's just stress' and we leave things as they are until we fall apart... 

Next time you're booking your face treatment remember that it is going to bring much more benefit than a glow to your skin. Feeling pleasure is not just a flighty thing but rather a state which has a serious effect on your body/mind. There are beneficial hormonal and biochemical chain reactions taking place as you experience pleasure in your body... this is good! 

You know well that when you feel solid in your body and good in your skin the whole world is a brighter place. Your relationships flourish, you're confident and you are simply able to take life on. I am not saying that a facial with me will make everything in your life better but it definitely can be one of the steps to get there especially if you choose to be present and mindful in the process. 

So here you go, this is the secret to the best facial ever:)

Until next time,