Water. How much should you drink?

Ok, I wanted to show off my new copper water vessel:) It is really beautiful and handcrafted from pure untreated copper. According to Ayurveda the best way to store your drinking water is in a copper container.


Since WATER is on my mind I wanted to share a few thoughts on the subject.

I think it's really sad that most of us no longer have an inner knowing in regards to how much water our individual body needs on a given day.

Most feel that everyone needs to be drinking so many glasses of water per day. Some even say that you need a specific amount of water per each pound of body weight. This makes as much sense to me as the idea that your ideal weight should be determined according to your height.

Yes, water is essential to us and to our health but we are all different. Drinking water ought to be a need fulfilled on an individual basis. Please, start paying attention to your body's needs. Observe! If you become mindful you will know exactly when your body needs water replenishment. Don't rely on others to measure your thirst. The knowing is within. Please listen! It's your body!

Your body needs clean water. Don't drink straight from the tap. Water is sacred, it holds memory and remembers everything it touches. Violently pumped through plastic pipes... It needs time to unfold itself to its natural state after rushing out of the tap.

Spend some time with your water. We have forgotten what Water is all about. 

Magdalena xo