Sometimes, organic is not enough.



When you look at the date of completion of my very first nutrition course, you would think that I have all the food and nutrition rules mastered and applied to perfection. But the truth is that like most people I have my struggles. And I am well aware that possessing knowledge is one thing, embodying it is another.

I have been living what you may call a mostly healthy dietary life. You will never see me eating junk food, I don't even know what most pop drinks taste like, I am vegetarian and I prepare my meals fresh almost every day. My grocery cart would look very impressive to most people as I shop organic and use local food markets and health food stores as my main sources of nourishing foods. So the quality and food choices are not an issue. What I find challenging is compulsion which comes after experiencing sweet taste. I don't have white sugar in the house and I haven't for years but honey, maple syrup... will put me into compulsive eating behaviour the moment it hits my tongue! I become like an alcoholic or a drug addict craving and looking for the next fix. I have been through the cycle of removing all sweet (except fruit) from my diet and slipping back into it a few times around. It is disappointing when I slip back and my body feels it within a very short time. I retain fluids like crazy and get heavier by the speed of light, my mind gets foggy and I generally feel dull. Not a good place to be, no matter how you look at it.

As some of you know, I have been studying Ayurveda for the last few months. During our study process we are advised and are guided to heal our own health both mind and body and to apply Ayurvedic wisdom in our daily life. So when we complete our studies and the time comes to support and advise our clients we will be able to do it from a place of our own experience and integrity. As one of my teachers says, you have no business telling others what to do if you are not doing it yourself. I like that:)

So in the last few months I have made many changes to the way I go about life and I have made the decision to stay away from sweets (no matter how healthy) except for fruit (which I eat plenty of). Of course, I feel so much better! I am well aware that this is a work in progress. For now as long as I don't reach for the cookies I will be ok. But in the long run, one’s tendency for compulsion needs more than avoidance to be healed.

Through my Ayurveda studies and various amazing enlightened people I have met as a result of my studies, I have learned daily practices which help me live with more awareness and mindfulness. I’m still far from mastering it but I definitely feel that I am moving in the right direction.

I hope that this process of learning and my own healing experience will help me be a better support and a more insightful and compassionate guide to you and your skin healing journey. At the end we are all in it together:)

Love, Magdalena