Shanti Aging | Empowering Wisdom

A friend of mine who is an Ottawa yogi, Sylvie Gouin (I love Ottawa yogis:) ) came for a treatment one day and said, 'Magdalena, I have something that I think you will like’.


She told me a story about how one day the term anti-aging was playing in her mind and how much she didn’t like this term (none of us really do!). Sylvie said that as she was walking and chanting (as a good yogi often does:), suddenly the term SHANTI AGING popped into her head and right away she knew this was how she was going to refer to aging from now on and these two words, perfectly described how she understands aging. A few years back, Sylvie even wrote an article about her experience of Shanti Aging for The Elephant Journal, and you can still find it here:  Of course, when I heard the words SHANTI AGING, I thought -this is perfect!- why didn’t I think about it? But Sylvie being a generous spirit, gave me her blessing to use her enlightened term and here we go. Sylvie and I talked and talked about it and we have a few Shanti Aging projects in store. 

EMPOWERING WISDOM, is a term which popped into my head (with the help from my husband Tony:) ) as a follow up to SHANTI AGING. And I felt that the two complete and complement each other very well.

                                                                          SHANTI AGING | EMPOWERING WISDOM

SHANTI AGING IS A WISE APPROACH. It is about getting in touch with the wisdom which is available to each and everyone of us and expressing it in our self-care, in our daily practices and rituals. The EMPOWERING WISDOM of SHANTI AGING is liberating. We all have a choice to either tap into the WISDOM (SHANTI AGING) or the FEAR (ANTI-AGING). You can not experience both at the same time. You decide:)

WISDOM is never polarizing or dismissing. 

It is not a fad, new ingredient or new product. It never depends on the external. It is rather based on natural rhythms in nature, in the body, the circle of life and approaching one’s own life with self-compassion.

People often mistake WISDOM for experience. WISDOM is not assigned to old age. We meet many young people wise beyond their years and many old folks who have missed the boat. 

Society perpetuates the fear of getting older. But the fear that haunts us is not about getting old but about not fulfilling our potential, the fear of having regrets at the end of our lives. 

Yes, our body morphs as it moves through time. Therein lies the wisdom. Hopefully, by the time you notice changes taking place in your physiology, and your body is aging, you can recognize that there is much more to you than your physical body. 

There is so much more I want to say about SHANTI AGING & EMPOWERING WISDOM but I feel that it will be good to wrap it up for now.

Through the process of exploring these words and their meaning I realize that truly I am in a WISDOM INDUSTRY.  My treatments and my products are in line with the above. And I hope that through my work, I can help you tap into the pool of wisdom which is available to you any time you choose to jump in.  I wish for you that you can embrace SHANTI AGING and feel EMPOWERING WISDOM running through your whole being.

Love, Magdalena