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beauty + sleep

Our silk pillowcase is made of luxurious, long-strand mulberry silk. It is natural silk in colour and has never been dyed in harmful chemicals. It will support the health of your skin and hair beautifully, as you are sound asleep every night.

It will not soak up the natural oils your skin produces or night beauty oils or creams you apply as other pillowcases do. Its slippery smoothness won’t crease and wrinkle your skin and it will keep your hair silky smooth.

We have been introduced to sleeping on a silk pillowcase few years back and we wouldn’t have it any other way now. Try it!  We are pretty sure you will feel the same.

How to care for your silk pillowcase:

If you care for it properly, your silk pillowcase will last you for years.

We recommend you wash your pillowcase by hand in medium-temperature water with pure gentle soap. Do not wring your pillowcase, just hang it to dry.

If you prefer, you may machine-wash it on the gentle silk cycle. Silk can be dry cleaned, although we do not recommend it.

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