Shanti Aging | Empowering Wisdom

A friend of mine who is an Ottawa yogi, Sylvie Gouin (I love Ottawa yogis:) ) came for a treatment one day and said, 'Magdalena, I have something that I think you will like’.


She told me a story about how one day the term anti-aging was playing in her mind and how much she didn’t like this term (none of us really do!). Sylvie said that as she was walking and chanting (as a good yogi often does:), suddenly the term SHANTI AGING popped into her head and right away she knew this was how she was going to refer to aging from now on and these two words, perfectly described how she understands aging. A few years back, Sylvie even wrote an article about her experience of Shanti Aging for The Elephant Journal, and you can still find it here:  Of course, when I heard the words SHANTI AGING, I thought -this is perfect!- why didn’t I think about it? But Sylvie being a generous spirit, gave me her blessing to use her enlightened term and here we go. Sylvie and I talked and talked about it and we have a few Shanti Aging projects in store. 

EMPOWERING WISDOM, is a term which popped into my head (with the help from my husband Tony:) ) as a follow up to SHANTI AGING. And I felt that the two complete and complement each other very well.

                                                                          SHANTI AGING | EMPOWERING WISDOM

SHANTI AGING IS A WISE APPROACH. It is about getting in touch with the wisdom which is available to each and everyone of us and expressing it in our self-care, in our daily practices and rituals. The EMPOWERING WISDOM of SHANTI AGING is liberating. We all have a choice to either tap into the WISDOM (SHANTI AGING) or the FEAR (ANTI-AGING). You can not experience both at the same time. You decide:)

WISDOM is never polarizing or dismissing. 

It is not a fad, new ingredient or new product. It never depends on the external. It is rather based on natural rhythms in nature, in the body, the circle of life and approaching one’s own life with self-compassion.

People often mistake WISDOM for experience. WISDOM is not assigned to old age. We meet many young people wise beyond their years and many old folks who have missed the boat. 

Society perpetuates the fear of getting older. But the fear that haunts us is not about getting old but about not fulfilling our potential, the fear of having regrets at the end of our lives. 

Yes, our body morphs as it moves through time. Therein lies the wisdom. Hopefully, by the time you notice changes taking place in your physiology, and your body is aging, you can recognize that there is much more to you than your physical body. 

There is so much more I want to say about SHANTI AGING & EMPOWERING WISDOM but I feel that it will be good to wrap it up for now.

Through the process of exploring these words and their meaning I realize that truly I am in a WISDOM INDUSTRY.  My treatments and my products are in line with the above. And I hope that through my work, I can help you tap into the pool of wisdom which is available to you any time you choose to jump in.  I wish for you that you can embrace SHANTI AGING and feel EMPOWERING WISDOM running through your whole being.

Love, Magdalena 


It is surprising to me how many people still believe that BEAUTY is a vanity issue and a frivolous pursuit. And then I think, but of course, they understand BEAUTY completely different than I do, different than my holistically inclined fellow humans.


Ayurveda says that BEAUTY is the highest level of health (oh, how I love this!). The person who is glowing with vitality and radiance is beautiful. This has nothing to do with the surface coverups but rather is all about transformation through self-discipline, self-love and mindful living.

BEAUTY in holistic realm reflects the QUALITY of LIFE. It is about making conscious choices every day in regards to food we eat, the thoughts we entertain, the exercise and movement... and of course our skin care and self care practices. It is a commitment to oneself and to life itself.

When you go about beauty in the holistic way, you soon discover that it is liberating and that there is no need to chase after trends any more. The whole world can be running after the latest and the greatest and you are chill. Trends come and go and you are doing your own thing every day and your pursuit of BEAUTY has actually been transforming you and your life in the most wonderful and meaningful ways.

Thank you for reading,


Nourished in Nature | a day retreat in the country

Join Magdalena, Susie and Anne for our beautiful Nourished in Nature | a day retreat in the country.

We invite you to an experience in nature, surrounded by native plants, bees, butterflies and the intoxicating scent of Summer.

retreat:image .jpg

This will be a day of reconnecting with our environment, ourselves and the beauty of it all, paying a visit to plants (some are the stars in Woman Divine products and treatments), sharing the purest, the freshest and most delicious meal and playing alchemists as we make skin healing products together. All in the company of beautiful women on the enchanted land of Susie Osler in Lanark County, just outside of Perth, ON. This one is not to be missed! 

A little bit about Susie, her land, art and her offering at the retreat:

For over 15 years, Susie has inhabited a pocket of Lanark County now called Wildwood Farm where she revels daily in the magic and beauty of the world around her. This feeds and inspires her creative life.  She is an artist, gardener, and event organizer who enjoys sharing Wildwood Farm with others with the intention of connecting people, nature and creativity. Susie will guide you on a short 'sensual' tour of her gardens where she will encourage you to open your senses to the space around you.  Bring your eyes, ears, nose and skin with you, as well as a journal and something to write or draw with if you are inclined.

A little bit about Anne, our lunch and the vibrant food she grows on the Creek'n Tree Farm:

Every dish is created with what’s flourishing and delicious in the fields and forest at the time. We make maple syrup, grow shiitake mushrooms and all kinds of native plants and flowers as well as a wide variety of annual vegetables. All is tended to carefully from the time we tap or plant the seed through to the day of harvest. Lunch will be light, fresh and simple.  Our land is abundant with natural beauty. We work each day in awe, gratitude and respect of it and are happy to share it’s goodness with you so you too can feel nourished by nature.

A little bit about Magdalena and her part in the retreat: 

I have a deep love for plants, healing and beauty. I continuously seek harmony both in my life and in my work. I strive to live consciously and with presence. Woman Divine Skin Care Studio and Botanical Skin Care Products are my expression of heart felt desire to nurture, to serve others and to do so with Nature’s support. I will be sharing with you my knowledge about holistic beauty, skin healing plants and will also guide you in your own experiment of plant based product making. This retreat has been a dream of mine for a long time. I am very grateful to Anne and Susie for agreeing to create this event with me and for sharing their beautiful energy with us. 

Register for Nourished in Nature here:

 Thank you and hope to see you there:)



Introducing the Marina Featherstone Exclusive Art Massage Experience.

There are few wonderful therapists around the world I have been lucky to connect with in the last couple of years. They are on my bucket list of 'treatments to experience by the best in the field'. I wish I could bring them all to Ottawa for you to meet because I know that they have something extra special to offer. I am thrilled to tell you that we will be hosting Marina Featherstone ( at the top of my bucket list:))  at Woman Divine July 18 & 19 and you will be able to experience her exquisite body massage.

Since this is a special 'pop-up' visit and Marina will be at WD Studio only for 2 days we have just a handful of openings for her beautiful treatments. So don't wait too long if you would like to have this experience because the appointments will fill up fast.

You can book your appointment with Marina Featherstone RMT by phone: 613 2167676 or by email:


Marina Featherstone Art Massage Experience Pop-Up.jpg
Marina Featherstone Art Massage Experience Pop-Up 2.jpg
Marina Featherstone Art Massage Experience Pop-Up 3.jpg
Marina Featherstone Art Massage Experience Pop-Up 4.jpg
Marina Featherstone Art Massage Experience Pop-Up 5.jpg

The right way to cleanse your face with oil

We have recently added the much needed Cleansing Oil and a Cleansing cloth to Woman Divine Skin Care collection. To many women this is a new way of facial cleansing. Woman Divine collaborated with The Eco Hub www.theecohub on the 'Right way to cleanse your face'  article.   And here is all you need to know about oil cleansing: 

Big thank you to the lovely Candice Batista the creator and the brains behind the www.theecohub TheEcoHub is truly an amazing resource for Canadians for all things Eco. At its core this is a website that connects conscious consumers to brands and companies that care about people and the planet. You will find there lots of valuable info to support your eco friendly living. Definite follow:)


Here is a little bit about our new products.

CLEANSING OIL | plant oils + essences | purify and restore


A healthy skin care routine starts with proper cleansing. Our gentle Cleansing Oil will effectively remove pollution and makeup without disturbing or stripping the protective layer of your skin.  This oil is suitable for all skin types. 

Ingredients: *Camellia sinensis (Camellia seed) oil, *Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) oil, *Oenothera biennis (Primrose) oil, *Helianthus annuus (Sunflower) oil, *Olea europaea (Olive) oil, *Ricinus communis (Castor) oil, *Herbal infusion of: *Calendula officinalis (Calendula)flower, *Matricaria chamomilla (Chamomile)flower, *Rosa rugosa (Rose)flower, *Arnica montana (Arnica)flower, *Althaea officinalis (Marshmallow) root, essential oils: *Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender), *Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea tree)

*denotes organic or wildcrafted ingredients

purchase here:



This multilayered cotton gauze cloth works very well with our cleansing oil and/ or facial compressing.
Because we really love our cloths which we use in Woman Divine Face Treatments we decided to make exactly the same one for you to take home. Handmade with ❤️

purchase here:


Woman Divine in the news:)

Thank you KATERINA ROWLANDS & S/magazine for including Woman Divine on your list of the 'Must-Visit Natural Beauty Havens Across Canada'. We feel very flattered to be in a company of such amazing Canadian Green Beauty companies. Read the article:

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 6.38.42 PM.png

Your emotional skin.

Our emotions and our skin are closely related. Our skin is actually a highly sensitive responder to emotions and it often reminds us that mind and body are one😀


Think no further then the last time you felt very embarrassed and your face turned red, or when you felt fear and your skin become pale. And how about that happiness and internal bliss glow?

Clients often share that stress in their life causes flare ups of eczema, rosacea or acne... As much as skin disease can mean viruses, inflammation, bacteria, when we are experiencing a persistent skin condition, emotional component is usually part of the experience. Given close bond between our skin and the nervous system this should be of no surprise.

In short you can say that your skin ‘feels’ for you the very emotions which you choose not to express. It cries, it gets inflamed with anger and it remembers traumatic experiences which took place years back but were never addressed. In a long run, sweeping under the rug never really works ...not even in skincare.

So if you feel that your skin is giving you a hard time and you know that you have done everything you can to help it heal, including proper diet, exercise, good skin care regimen, then it maybe time to examine, how your emotions are contributing to the problem. ...

Magdalena xo

How communism benefits your looks:)

Whenever I go to Poland I  try to find an interesting course to take there. Big chunk of my face massage training comes from Poland and Polish teachers. I was just chatting with someone about this explaining that Eastern Europe has a lot to offer in the area of face massage techniques. This is the case when something great comes out of something challenging. Since Eastern Europe was at one point very behind in matters of technology  (the consequence of communism) people developed amazing skills with their hands:) 


Massage was always part of healthcare. And I remember that most common health clinics had a massage therapist on staff and doctors would prescribe massage to their patients regularly. A long standing tradition of manual therapies is definitely still very alive in my homeland.

I want to tell you about  the course which I have taken during my last visit.

After all this talk about Eastern European training lol, this one actually originated in Denmark and was created by a wonderful lady, Lone Sorensen. Her organization is very strong in Warsaw and she has two excellent and very devoted teachers offering training in Poland. 

Lone has put together facial reflexology protocols which address both health and beauty. It is a technique based on the neuro-bio-chemical action resulting from the stimulation of an area or point on the face which has a general or partial effect on various areas of the entire body. Facial Reflex therapy is based on seven steps that involve the observation and stimulation of various facial areas.

Lone and practitioners trained with her method do some amazing work around the world. This technique proves very effective in treating all sorts of neurological problems, developmental problems in children, autism, after stroke complications, anxiety, depression, hormonal imbalances, digestive problems, vision problems…. the list goes on. All of this happens through work with your face. It’s pretty amazing! 

What Lone Sorensen observed over the years was that as she worked with the face to improve people’s health the ‘side effect’ of improved skin tone, diminishing of wrinkles and general lifting of the face eventually took place. 

She then developed a protocol for beauty purposes, which also harmonizes body systems. The treatment is complex because all body functions are stimulated and also regulated while facial skin, tissue and muscle are treated. It normalizes the body dysfunctions, which may be the cause of wrinkles, sagging skin, loss of muscle tone, etc.

This is the protocol which I have learned. I believe at this time I am the only one in Ottawa certified in this particular technique. 

I will be continuing the training with Lone Sorensen systems because I trust it offers another dimension to my facial treatments and will ultimately bring more benefit to you, both health and beauty wise:)

Next time you visit, you may notice some new moves in your face massage:) If you are interested to explore this technique with me I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

I am on a continuous search for beauty through improved health of both body and mind. Will keep on learning...  Thank you for reading!

Love, Magdalena


Sometimes, organic is not enough.



When you look at the date of completion of my very first nutrition course, you would think that I have all the food and nutrition rules mastered and applied to perfection. But the truth is that like most people I have my struggles. And I am well aware that possessing knowledge is one thing, embodying it is another.

I have been living what you may call a mostly healthy dietary life. You will never see me eating junk food, I don't even know what most pop drinks taste like, I am vegetarian and I prepare my meals fresh almost every day. My grocery cart would look very impressive to most people as I shop organic and use local food markets and health food stores as my main sources of nourishing foods. So the quality and food choices are not an issue. What I find challenging is compulsion which comes after experiencing sweet taste. I don't have white sugar in the house and I haven't for years but honey, maple syrup... will put me into compulsive eating behaviour the moment it hits my tongue! I become like an alcoholic or a drug addict craving and looking for the next fix. I have been through the cycle of removing all sweet (except fruit) from my diet and slipping back into it a few times around. It is disappointing when I slip back and my body feels it within a very short time. I retain fluids like crazy and get heavier by the speed of light, my mind gets foggy and I generally feel dull. Not a good place to be, no matter how you look at it.

As some of you know, I have been studying Ayurveda for the last few months. During our study process we are advised and are guided to heal our own health both mind and body and to apply Ayurvedic wisdom in our daily life. So when we complete our studies and the time comes to support and advise our clients we will be able to do it from a place of our own experience and integrity. As one of my teachers says, you have no business telling others what to do if you are not doing it yourself. I like that:)

So in the last few months I have made many changes to the way I go about life and I have made the decision to stay away from sweets (no matter how healthy) except for fruit (which I eat plenty of). Of course, I feel so much better! I am well aware that this is a work in progress. For now as long as I don't reach for the cookies I will be ok. But in the long run, one’s tendency for compulsion needs more than avoidance to be healed.

Through my Ayurveda studies and various amazing enlightened people I have met as a result of my studies, I have learned daily practices which help me live with more awareness and mindfulness. I’m still far from mastering it but I definitely feel that I am moving in the right direction.

I hope that this process of learning and my own healing experience will help me be a better support and a more insightful and compassionate guide to you and your skin healing journey. At the end we are all in it together:)

Love, Magdalena    

Wrinkles on my face.

I am personally very intrigued by the psychology of wrinkles. From the physiological perspective there are numerous causes of facial wrinkles and there are also different types of wrinkles that you will find on your face. Some are very superficial some deep, some are very deep. It is the deep and very deep ones that I take special interest in.


As my own body and face are experiencing changes which come with living long enough to notice physical disintegration, crystallization and fixed patterns of tension, I am even more interested simply because I want to understand myself and life expressing through the body I occupy:)

Deep wrinkles are formed deep in the tissues. You see them on the surface and you may think it’s your skin but actually your skin is just expressing the state of tension present in the connective tissue and your muscles. You can apply all the creams in the world and you will not see a difference with this type of wrinkle (unless the cream contains peptides which have a similar effect on the muscle as botox does). 

We know it is tension in deeper layers of facial tissues and we could approach it from the physical perspective. Right away face massage comes to mind as a great remedy.  But the question to ask is why did the tension build up in these tissues in the first place? The answer will come from beyond the physical. It will also reveal why you may dislike what you see in the mirror. It really is not the wrinkle itself that you don’t like, it’s what it represents, it’s what message it holds within its tight fold that you’d rather not see, that you’d rather be not reminded of.

As mind and body are forever working together and what you feel on the emotional level always finds expression in your physical being. Furrowed brows, raised foreheads, tight lips with lines all around are actually thought patterns which have been playing in your mind over and over again. They represent sadness, frustration, anger, dissatisfaction….

If you are a happy joyful being, you may have ‘happy wrinkles’ around your eyes, the laugh lines may have formed… I bet if that’s you, you are not bothered by your lines at all. 

So what to do when you are not happy with what you see?  Recognizing the connection between thought, emotion and their expression in the physical body is essential. This way you acknowledge that you are actually the creator and not the victim. Spend time daily, touching your face lovingly and kindly and know that it maybe be holding a lot of your pains and worries. Messages it holds are here to help you, not to bring you down. Take moments to breath as you gently rest the palm of your hands on your face.

This will be a wonderful beginning to a fresh relationship with your face and yourself. If you feel inspired to explore more contact me.

Many blessings, Magdalena