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The saying goes that it takes a village to raise a child, and I can tell you that it also takes a village to grow a successful business.

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I feel incredibly lucky to have such an amazing support from the Ottawa community and from women from all corners of Canada. So many women are cheering me on and encouraging me to spread my wings wider and wider. I will not name names because there are so many of you… you know who you are:) You are amazing and so incredibly generous and kind! Whenever, I’ve had a moment of doubt, someone has appeared out of nowhere with encouraging words, a beautiful testimonial, business advice, offer to help or to host a WD pop up shop:) You have been continuously referring your family members, your colleagues and your best friends… And you choose my products to grace your skin. Please, know that I am beyond grateful and I will do my best to take really good care of you and to pay it forward.

 This was a great year for me and for Woman Divine for so many reasons! I have learned tons about myself and my business (still have tons to learn.
I’ve been able to learn few new moves for the treatment room. I’m in the process of upgrading my herbal medicine knowledge, continuing Ayurveda studies and exploring the art of face reading (this one is a lot of fun and very fascinating). I have a few new formulas on the go and I can tell you that one of them will include local organic 🥕🥕 (they are so good for your skin)🙂. I also have one very special collection ready for launch in the early spring. And Woman Divine Lift & Gift classes will be starting at the end of January. As you can see I’ve been a very busy bee!

 A Big thank you to all my skin care colleagues all over the world! You are such an inspiration and I learn so much from you! It feels like we are really creating the much needed shift in the realm of Beauty Care and I’m very happy that we are doing it together:)

Thank you to all who follow me here and read my posts❤️

I hope that the New Year will bring you joy, prosperity and lots of love! May you always feel supported to live your true self!!! .


It’s a little late in the season to do a cleanse but I was very busy,  so NOW will have to do. In my opinion, a kitchari cleanse is the most suitable for this time of the year.  When Spring arrives I love to juice but in the Fall and generally during cold months, kitchari is my choice when I need a break from regular food .


I asked one of my food enlightened friends for her favourite kitchari recipe. I met Magda at an Ayurveda course few years back. She is beautiful, passionate and her eyes have a special spark 😀 She is Polish like me and we share the same name:) But I can tell you that it is the love of Ayurveda that binds us.

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Magda is a devoted Ayurveda student , a very skilled yogi and she also has a special gift with food. She applies Ayurvedic principles in her food creations.  Magda teaches wonderful Ayurveda inspired cooking workshops and often talks on other topics related to Ayurvedic lifestyle, yoga… Together with her family, she lives a pretty cool off the grid life, surrounded by nature in the Ontario country site. Follow her on Instagram HERE

So, late as it is I will be starting my yearly kitchari cleanse tomorrow. Normally, I do forty days straight (kitchari breakfast, lunch and dinner). Yes, I really do this:) but because it is already so cold, I’ll do just two weeks this time. If you feel, like your belly needs a bit of a rest, you can join me for as long as you wish. This is not going to be anything official but it always feels better together. Especially on the day 3 when you are tempted to go and buy yourself a donut.

Here is the delicious Kitchari recipe which my beautiful friend graciously shared with us. Let me know if you decide to do it.        


• 1 cup white Basmati Rice

• 2 cups Mung Dal (split yellow)

• 7 cups (approx.) Water

• a bit of Salt

• 2 Tbs. Ghee

• 3 tsp. Mustard Seeds

• 2 tsp. Cumin Seeds

• 2 tsp. Turmeric Powder

• 2 tsp. Coriander Powder

• 2 tsp. Fennel Powder

• 1 pinch Asafoetida (Hing) optional

• vegetables of your choice ( e.g.. onion, asparagus, carrots)

DIRECTIONS: Wash rice and mug dal separately in at least 2 changes of water. If you have time soak rice and dal 1 to 3 hours prior to cooking, or soak overnight and rinse well before cooking. Sauté the seeds in the ghee on low heat until they pop approx. 2-3 min add the other spices (takes seconds, be careful not to burn ) Add rinsed mung dal and salt. Sauté for 1 to 2 minutes. Add 4 cups of boiling water, bring to boil, then simmer for 30 minutes or until the dal is 2/3 cooked. Add rice and 2 more cups of water. Meanwhile prepare any vegetables that suit your constitution. Keep it simple, use 3-4 different veggies max. Cut them into small pieces. Sauté veggies in ghee according to their hardness, eg.start with onion, add carrots splash of water then add asparagus salt and pepper.

( I usually start with onion for flavour ) Put veggies aside. If needed add extra water to your Kitchari. Bring back to a boil, them simmer for 20 minutes or until rice is fully cooked. Aim to have minimal water remaining, leaving the lid on the pot to allow any excess to be slowly absorbed. The Mung Dal should be fully cooked and blend nicely with rice. Serve with your veggies.

Note: In Ayurveda Kitchari is considered the most healing food as its easy to digest giving your body space to restore. Some recipes call for equal parts of rice and mung dal, I find it heavy on rice and adding more dal makes the texture smoother. Also, I find that its more substantial and nutritious.

For Veggies, when my Vata is high ( I use sesame oil instead ghee to sauté veggies ) I favour sweet potatoes and mustard greens to top my kitchari, Pitta kale and squash ( also use coconut oil instead ghee ) for Kapha use sesame oil and favour cauliflower and dandelion greens.

Veggies that are tridoshic ( good to enjoy for all dosha ) ARTICHOKE ASPARAGUS BEETS CARROTS PEAS GREEN BEANS

If you are not sure what your Dosha is (your Ayurvedic constitution), I highly recommend going through THIS questioner to find out.


Is Bacteria The Next Big Thing In Beauty?

This is a great article by Candice Batista of The Eco Hub . Candice has asked me few questions on the subject when she was writing this piece. Big thank you to Candice for including me! Here it is:

If you follow any good health blogs you’ve probably read about the importance of gut bacteria, sometimes referred to as the microbiome. It’s probably one of the most important things for optimal health. I’ll be talking more about gut health in the coming months.


Now when it comes to skincare, new research is showing that the skin’s very own microbiome is super important to its health as well. Is Bacteria The Next Big Thing In Beauty?

Our microbiome is taking a beating thanks to our obsession with flawless skin and we can’t discount the pressure that social media puts on all of us to try to attain skin that does not need a filter.

If you live in the real world, you know it’s almost impossible to live up that.

We’ve been told for so long that we need to scrub, peel, exfoliate and mask our faces until they burn. But the reality is, it’s doing more harm than good because we are disrupting the skins delicate ecosystem.

Magdalena Tomczak is a Holistic skin + Face therapist at Woman Divine Skincare, she says, “Our body, the skin included, is a dynamic, ever-changing organism which constantly interacts with and is affected by the environment, the food we eat, the emotions we experience. Your skin may look perfectly healthy today and may be irritated tomorrow because of all the complex life dynamics it takes part in all the time. Your skin expressing how you’re doing is a natural and necessary occurrence. It’s an essential aspect of our body’s signaling system. If you learn to pay attention to your skin signals and behaviours in a positive manner it can become your best guide to self-care and skincare. It’s a reflection of your health, both physical and emotional, the expression of your body’s wisdom. Yet, we continuously find new ways to prevent skin from expressing and communicating.  Peels, excessive scrubbing, micro-dermabrasions actually hurt our skin. They mess up our skin’s precious microbiome.”

The takeaway here is that we need to let the healthy bacteria that exists on the skin thrive and with 70 percent of Canadian women reporting sensitive skin, there is no better time to start.

Cultured foods as many of you know have unbelievable benefits for the gut, things like Kefir, yogurt, Kombucha, Sauerkraut, Kimchi etc. are fabulous.

So when it comes to the skin, is this just a fad?

Science is proving there is truth behind the results.

So how does the microbiome work?

“There are plenty of these invisible guys roaming around. So I’ll say you better keep in good relationship with your microbes. The fact is that you are an ecosystem. This ecosystem is made of trillions of organisms (microbes) and includes bacteria, viruses, and fungi. These microbes live in colonies (communities) inside (eg. Your gut flora or your mouth flora) and on the surface of your body (eg. your skin micro-flora or microbiome).  Your ecosystem is unique, complex and ever-changing just like other ecosystems in nature.

The gist of it is that you absolutely need a healthy ecosystem in order to be healthy. Your skin needs a healthy microbiome to be healthy and to look its best.  When your microbes are ‘happy’ their communities live harmoniously, in balance and life flourishes.

They also do an amazing job at protecting you from invaders from the outside, other organisms which may cause disease and create havoc in your system or in the health of your skin. Peels, micro-dermabrasion, excessive exfoliation as well as antimicrobial soaps, toxic skin and body care products all disturb your precious skin microbiome and are causing a lot of damage to your skin. They also strip the natural oil that our skin produces (sebum). Sebum feeds the beneficial bacteria which live on our skin and produce immune-boosting fatty acids.

Stripped skin is in a vulnerable state. Unwelcomed micro-invaders from the outside can now penetrate. The natural order of microbial colonies previously living in harmony has now turned into ‘Gangs of New York’ and everyone is competing for dominance and skin problems arise.  Sebum also softens, lubricates and prevents the skin from premature aging. Without it, your skin can no longer protect you from the trans-epidermal water loss.  Dryness, dehydration, more lines, and wrinkles are the consequence.  So as you can see, what started as a ‘beauty’ treatment or product, turns out to be very unhealthy, skin damaging and quite frankly doesn’t add to our beauty at all, ” adds Magdalena.

So skincare that contains a good probiotic can be very beneficial to you. Good quality oils can support the microflora living on your skin.

In her new book Beyond Soap (which I am reading now) Dr. Sandy Skotnicki writes that “On its own, the skin is better equipped to fight wrinkles, stave off aging and act as armor that protects the body from infection. Every time we slather, spread, hydrate, or soften the skin, we nudge the skin away from its healthiest natural condition.”

The book is very well-written and looks at how we are damaging the microbiome of our skin by applying hundreds of ingredients by way of lotions and potions and make-up. How we strip off our natural oils only to spend a fortune on trying to replace them. And how we’re giving ourselves dermatitis, eczema, rosacea, and acne by irritating our skin from all these ingredients and also by over-washing.

When we spoke with Magdalena, she echoed this, saying, “Did you know that organic, great quality oils when applied topically, feed and support the microflora living on your skin? Yes, they do! The micro-organisms actually use oil as food and then change it into very beneficial fatty acids. Quality oils infused with organic herbs will nourish the skin and give it radiance. You know how you like that squeaky clean feeling after you wash your face? Well, it’s not good for you. You just disturbed your microbiome and stripped your natural oil barrier. Oil cleansing is so wonderful at removing pollution from our skin and it protects the microbiome. Facial oils and serums infused with herbs are perfect for daily skincare. These are truly great choices to support your skin function. Skin care products are here to do just that, support your skin function. Not to interfere with or suppress the skin function but to gently support it.”

So it seems pretty obvious to me that many modern beauty products are actually harming our skin and the vicious circle of modern skincare in which we believe we need more products to soothe and heal irritated skin, but in actual fact, we prolong the irritation.

There is no such thing as a miracle cream.  Your gut microbiome and skin microbiome are actually in constant communication with each other.

Skotnicki says to choose a gentle pH-balanced cleanser and only use it once a day. She also says that a 10-step regime is not ideal for everyone as layering products can actually lead to more irritation and if you are cleansing then exfoliation you are stripping the skin leading to redness and irritation.

Now we are not saying to never exfoliate again, just make sure to pick products that work with your skin, not against it.

Last year scientists at the University Of California published a report after conducting a study on the skin’s microbiome and came up with an innovative microbial treatment for eczema, a disorder characterized by red, itchy, inflamed skin.

This kind of research is illustrating that scientists are able to identify specific strains of bacteria that are required to balance the skin and help people suffering from extreme skin conditions like eczema.

We know that prebiotics and probiotics are good for us. We also know that you are what you eat, food and stress play a major role in how your skin looks and functions.

The quality of the food matters too.

I love this quote from Magdalena, “Like it or not, there is no magic skincare bullet. We are funny creatures though, always looking for shortcuts. I hope that the use of probiotics in skincare does not become another latest fad that will disappoint those looking for a quick fix.”

I have to agree, clever marketing can lead us away from the true nature of the situation.

Get to know your skin, seek help from a professional and remember less is always more

Read this article on The Eco Hub HERE

Can you trust your nose?

I distinctly remember one particular class during my aromatherapy training. Our teacher sent two different bottles of rose essential oil around the room and he asked which one of the two we liked better and why.

The majority of the class picked the oil which seemed to have a sweeter and more ‘rosy’ aroma because they felt that the scent was more pleasing.

To the surprise of most, this happened to be the lab engineered rose substance which is toxic and disruptive to our health but commonly used. The genuine and organic rose essential oil in the other bottle appealed only to a few in the class.  It had more of a medicinal scent and did not smell sweet as everyone would expect rose essential oil to smell.


Since then, I have learned over and over again that it is a common occurrence for people to pick a lab engineered aromatic substance over the real thing created by nature.

This is something worth talking about because it appears that our nose is in trouble and it can’t tell right from wrong any more.

Let us start with what our sense of smell does for us and why it is so important to keep it in tact.

The workings of our sense of smell are very complex. Our sense of smell impacts our life on many levels. Without going into serious anatomy, we can confidently say that our sense of smell is there to protect us from danger. It helps us to detect fire, or a gas leek. It warns us of food gone bad and pollution levels in our environment being high. It truly is one of our survival mechanisms which is vital to our existence.

But it does not stop there. Our sense of smell is linked to the part of the brain which stores our past memories. That’s why certain smells will immediately bring you back to your experiences from the past, some as far back as your childhood.  This is thanks to the amazing apparatus of the limbic system. The limbic system is made up of various parts of the brain which help us create and sense emotions. This is why we refer to the limbic system as the ‘emotional’ brain. 

Also, did you know that your nose helps you pick your partners in life? You are not consciously aware of this but your nose can smell the distinct chemicals called pheromones which we all secrete into the environment to send signals to elicit attraction, arousal and sexual desire.

When you happen to smell the beautiful aroma of flowers, your nose can take you on a creative journey. Some have written poetry about the scent of flowers or the scent of a woman…

I could go on about this and give many more examples but the point I am trying to make is that it is absolutely necessary for our nose to work very well. I am sure that you get the picture.

So going back to my aromatherapy class, how come our nose is in so much trouble that it can not tell right from wrong? The answer is very simple. We are bombarded with thousands of chemicals every single day and our sense of smell is deeply confused. The invisible toxic brew is everywhere you go and it even lingers in your home. Beauty products, especially perfume, are a big contributor to your nose’s perplexity. Bounce and Febreeze, cleaning products that you use are loaded with lab-engendered scents. That ‘lovely’ pine or lavender scented product never saw pine nor lavender. 

And how about the aromas you smell as you walk into stores? Did you know that there are laboratories which design scents which will make you into a compulsive buyer? Remember the limbic system - your ‘emotional’  brain?  Studies have been done which suggest that when people are exposed to citrus smell they feel compelled to clean. Other scents can prompt you to shop. There is a whole science created around this subject very much like the taste manipulation in many processed foods. Eat a little and you will feel compulsion to eat more….

Artificial aroma is the way to go for the beauty industry simply because it is cost effective and assures a fixed and stable aromatic profile of the product. First, true essential oils are very expensive to produce and secondly the aromatic profile can change from year to year depending on weather conditions in which plants grew, the health of the soil and such. 

In that sense, the production of genuine essential oils is very much like that of wine.  Like beauty companies, some wine producers use chemical additives to create a consistent flavour and more recognizable brand. Sadly, when the focus of the company is on profits rather than your wellbeing this is what takes place. 

I know that this may sound a bit like doom and gloom but there are actions we can consciously take to help our nose regain its virtues.

Maybe at the moment you don’t feel like there is much to do about scent you are exposed to in the stores and outside of your home. But remember that in your personal life and in your home it is totally up to you. First and foremost, remove toxicity from your personal and beauty care products. You may have to say goodbye to your favourite department store bought perfume but don’t fret! There are amazing genuine essential oil based products which can replace them. There is a movement taking place towards artisan genuine essential oil based perfume making. It is very exciting!

Make sure to read your labels and don’t be shy to ask questions about the source of scent in the product you want to purchase.

Splurge on a bottle or two of organic essential oil and from time to time simply smell it. Close your eyes and inhale. There is a very big difference in the effect a natural scent has on you compared to lab-made perfume. You will be amazed at how quickly you can become an expert on reading a scent’s authenticity. 

As a botanical product formulator I am very hopeful and I trust that ultimately we all want to be healthy, we want our planet to thrive and once made aware, we will make wholesome choices. The simple truth is that there is no comparison between a scent that is made in a lab and a scent that is produced in nature. The first is a substance devoid of life and disruptive to our health; it is a burden to the environment and will totally mess up your nose and your health. The second is full of life and healing on many levels.  

For example, one essential oil can improve the health of your skin and uplift your mood at the same time.

I believe that when you make a conscious decision to choose aromatic products which are supportive to your life and your health, you and your nose will slowly become more in tune with that which is true and that which is not. Your nose will no longer be fooled by toxic brews which pretend to be something they are not and genuine scents of plants will grace your life as they were meant to.


Shanti Aging | Empowering Wisdom

A friend of mine who is an Ottawa yogi, Sylvie Gouin (I love Ottawa yogis:) ) came for a treatment one day and said, 'Magdalena, I have something that I think you will like’.


She told me a story about how one day the term anti-aging was playing in her mind and how much she didn’t like this term (none of us really do!). Sylvie said that as she was walking and chanting (as a good yogi often does:), suddenly the term SHANTI AGING popped into her head and right away she knew this was how she was going to refer to aging from now on and these two words, perfectly described how she understands aging. A few years back, Sylvie even wrote an article about her experience of Shanti Aging for The Elephant Journal, and you can still find it here:  Of course, when I heard the words SHANTI AGING, I thought -this is perfect!- why didn’t I think about it? But Sylvie being a generous spirit, gave me her blessing to use her enlightened term and here we go. Sylvie and I talked and talked about it and we have a few Shanti Aging projects in store. 

EMPOWERING WISDOM, is a term which popped into my head (with the help from my husband Tony:) ) as a follow up to SHANTI AGING. And I felt that the two complete and complement each other very well.

                                                                          SHANTI AGING | EMPOWERING WISDOM

SHANTI AGING IS A WISE APPROACH. It is about getting in touch with the wisdom which is available to each and everyone of us and expressing it in our self-care, in our daily practices and rituals. The EMPOWERING WISDOM of SHANTI AGING is liberating. We all have a choice to either tap into the WISDOM (SHANTI AGING) or the FEAR (ANTI-AGING). You can not experience both at the same time. You decide:)

WISDOM is never polarizing or dismissing. 

It is not a fad, new ingredient or new product. It never depends on the external. It is rather based on natural rhythms in nature, in the body, the circle of life and approaching one’s own life with self-compassion.

People often mistake WISDOM for experience. WISDOM is not assigned to old age. We meet many young people wise beyond their years and many old folks who have missed the boat. 

Society perpetuates the fear of getting older. But the fear that haunts us is not about getting old but about not fulfilling our potential, the fear of having regrets at the end of our lives. 

Yes, our body morphs as it moves through time. Therein lies the wisdom. Hopefully, by the time you notice changes taking place in your physiology, and your body is aging, you can recognize that there is much more to you than your physical body. 

There is so much more I want to say about SHANTI AGING & EMPOWERING WISDOM but I feel that it will be good to wrap it up for now.

Through the process of exploring these words and their meaning I realize that truly I am in a WISDOM INDUSTRY.  My treatments and my products are in line with the above. And I hope that through my work, I can help you tap into the pool of wisdom which is available to you any time you choose to jump in.  I wish for you that you can embrace SHANTI AGING and feel EMPOWERING WISDOM running through your whole being.

Love, Magdalena 


It is surprising to me how many people still believe that BEAUTY is a vanity issue and a frivolous pursuit. And then I think, but of course, they understand BEAUTY completely different than I do, different than my holistically inclined fellow humans.


Ayurveda says that BEAUTY is the highest level of health (oh, how I love this!). The person who is glowing with vitality and radiance is beautiful. This has nothing to do with the surface coverups but rather is all about transformation through self-discipline, self-love and mindful living.

BEAUTY in holistic realm reflects the QUALITY of LIFE. It is about making conscious choices every day in regards to food we eat, the thoughts we entertain, the exercise and movement... and of course our skin care and self care practices. It is a commitment to oneself and to life itself.

When you go about beauty in the holistic way, you soon discover that it is liberating and that there is no need to chase after trends any more. The whole world can be running after the latest and the greatest and you are chill. Trends come and go and you are doing your own thing every day and your pursuit of BEAUTY has actually been transforming you and your life in the most wonderful and meaningful ways.

Thank you for reading,


Nourished in Nature | a day retreat in the country

Join Magdalena, Susie and Anne for our beautiful Nourished in Nature | a day retreat in the country.

We invite you to an experience in nature, surrounded by native plants, bees, butterflies and the intoxicating scent of Summer.

retreat:image .jpg

This will be a day of reconnecting with our environment, ourselves and the beauty of it all, paying a visit to plants (some are the stars in Woman Divine products and treatments), sharing the purest, the freshest and most delicious meal and playing alchemists as we make skin healing products together. All in the company of beautiful women on the enchanted land of Susie Osler in Lanark County, just outside of Perth, ON. This one is not to be missed! 

A little bit about Susie, her land, art and her offering at the retreat:

For over 15 years, Susie has inhabited a pocket of Lanark County now called Wildwood Farm where she revels daily in the magic and beauty of the world around her. This feeds and inspires her creative life.  She is an artist, gardener, and event organizer who enjoys sharing Wildwood Farm with others with the intention of connecting people, nature and creativity. Susie will guide you on a short 'sensual' tour of her gardens where she will encourage you to open your senses to the space around you.  Bring your eyes, ears, nose and skin with you, as well as a journal and something to write or draw with if you are inclined.

A little bit about Anne, our lunch and the vibrant food she grows on the Creek'n Tree Farm:

Every dish is created with what’s flourishing and delicious in the fields and forest at the time. We make maple syrup, grow shiitake mushrooms and all kinds of native plants and flowers as well as a wide variety of annual vegetables. All is tended to carefully from the time we tap or plant the seed through to the day of harvest. Lunch will be light, fresh and simple.  Our land is abundant with natural beauty. We work each day in awe, gratitude and respect of it and are happy to share it’s goodness with you so you too can feel nourished by nature.

A little bit about Magdalena and her part in the retreat: 

I have a deep love for plants, healing and beauty. I continuously seek harmony both in my life and in my work. I strive to live consciously and with presence. Woman Divine Skin Care Studio and Botanical Skin Care Products are my expression of heart felt desire to nurture, to serve others and to do so with Nature’s support. I will be sharing with you my knowledge about holistic beauty, skin healing plants and will also guide you in your own experiment of plant based product making. This retreat has been a dream of mine for a long time. I am very grateful to Anne and Susie for agreeing to create this event with me and for sharing their beautiful energy with us. 

Register for Nourished in Nature here:

 Thank you and hope to see you there:)



Introducing the Marina Featherstone Exclusive Art Massage Experience.

There are few wonderful therapists around the world I have been lucky to connect with in the last couple of years. They are on my bucket list of 'treatments to experience by the best in the field'. I wish I could bring them all to Ottawa for you to meet because I know that they have something extra special to offer. I am thrilled to tell you that we will be hosting Marina Featherstone ( at the top of my bucket list:))  at Woman Divine July 18 & 19 and you will be able to experience her exquisite body massage.

Since this is a special 'pop-up' visit and Marina will be at WD Studio only for 2 days we have just a handful of openings for her beautiful treatments. So don't wait too long if you would like to have this experience because the appointments will fill up fast.

You can book your appointment with Marina Featherstone RMT by phone: 613 2167676 or by email:


Marina Featherstone Art Massage Experience Pop-Up.jpg
Marina Featherstone Art Massage Experience Pop-Up 2.jpg
Marina Featherstone Art Massage Experience Pop-Up 3.jpg
Marina Featherstone Art Massage Experience Pop-Up 4.jpg
Marina Featherstone Art Massage Experience Pop-Up 5.jpg

The right way to cleanse your face with oil

We have recently added the much needed Cleansing Oil and a Cleansing cloth to Woman Divine Skin Care collection. To many women this is a new way of facial cleansing. Woman Divine collaborated with The Eco Hub www.theecohub on the 'Right way to cleanse your face'  article.   And here is all you need to know about oil cleansing: 

Big thank you to the lovely Candice Batista the creator and the brains behind the www.theecohub TheEcoHub is truly an amazing resource for Canadians for all things Eco. At its core this is a website that connects conscious consumers to brands and companies that care about people and the planet. You will find there lots of valuable info to support your eco friendly living. Definite follow:)


Here is a little bit about our new products.

CLEANSING OIL | plant oils + essences | purify and restore


A healthy skin care routine starts with proper cleansing. Our gentle Cleansing Oil will effectively remove pollution and makeup without disturbing or stripping the protective layer of your skin.  This oil is suitable for all skin types. 

Ingredients: *Camellia sinensis (Camellia seed) oil, *Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) oil, *Oenothera biennis (Primrose) oil, *Helianthus annuus (Sunflower) oil, *Olea europaea (Olive) oil, *Ricinus communis (Castor) oil, *Herbal infusion of: *Calendula officinalis (Calendula)flower, *Matricaria chamomilla (Chamomile)flower, *Rosa rugosa (Rose)flower, *Arnica montana (Arnica)flower, *Althaea officinalis (Marshmallow) root, essential oils: *Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender), *Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea tree)

*denotes organic or wildcrafted ingredients

purchase here:



This multilayered cotton gauze cloth works very well with our cleansing oil and/ or facial compressing.
Because we really love our cloths which we use in Woman Divine Face Treatments we decided to make exactly the same one for you to take home. Handmade with ❤️

purchase here:


Woman Divine in the news:)

Thank you KATERINA ROWLANDS & S/magazine for including Woman Divine on your list of the 'Must-Visit Natural Beauty Havens Across Canada'. We feel very flattered to be in a company of such amazing Canadian Green Beauty companies. Read the article:

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