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Thank you!

The saying goes that it takes a village to raise a child, and I can tell you that it also takes a village to grow a successful business.

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I feel incredibly lucky to have such an amazing support from the Ottawa community and from women from all corners of Canada. So many women are cheering me on and encouraging me to spread my wings wider and wider. I will not name names because there are so many of you… you know who you are:) You are amazing and so incredibly generous and kind! Whenever, I’ve had a moment of doubt, someone has appeared out of nowhere with encouraging words, a beautiful testimonial, business advice, offer to help or to host a WD pop up shop:) You have been continuously referring your family members, your colleagues and your best friends… And you choose my products to grace your skin. Please, know that I am beyond grateful and I will do my best to take really good care of you and to pay it forward.

 This was a great year for me and for Woman Divine for so many reasons! I have learned tons about myself and my business (still have tons to learn.
I’ve been able to learn few new moves for the treatment room. I’m in the process of upgrading my herbal medicine knowledge, continuing Ayurveda studies and exploring the art of face reading (this one is a lot of fun and very fascinating). I have a few new formulas on the go and I can tell you that one of them will include local organic 🥕🥕 (they are so good for your skin)🙂. I also have one very special collection ready for launch in the early spring. And Woman Divine Lift & Gift classes will be starting at the end of January. As you can see I’ve been a very busy bee!

 A Big thank you to all my skin care colleagues all over the world! You are such an inspiration and I learn so much from you! It feels like we are really creating the much needed shift in the realm of Beauty Care and I’m very happy that we are doing it together:)

Thank you to all who follow me here and read my posts❤️

I hope that the New Year will bring you joy, prosperity and lots of love! May you always feel supported to live your true self!!! .

Woman Divine in the news:)

Thank you KATERINA ROWLANDS & S/magazine for including Woman Divine on your list of the 'Must-Visit Natural Beauty Havens Across Canada'. We feel very flattered to be in a company of such amazing Canadian Green Beauty companies. Read the article:

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