Massage your face ladies.

If you are looking for a simple, cost free, result guarantied face treatment look no further then your hands. Regularly applied face massage is the best thing you can do to keep your face vibrant and youthful. No cream or potion can compete with a regularly applied face massage.
I consider massage to be the most important part of my treatments and I include various massage techniques in each face treatment I offer at Woman Divine clinic. You can visit me anytime for the   professional version of this blissful art:))You can also ask for a mini - face massage learning session one on one or you can come to one of my Face Yoga workshops. In the meantime you can get going right in the comfort of your home.
Apply self massage on daily basis, even 5 minutes a day practiced regularly will bring great results.

Wash your face with a gentle chemical free cleanser.

Use few drops of vegetable oil like: almond, rosehip, jojoba or argan.

Follow the arrows in the picture.

Enjoy! It is a beautiful act of self-nurturing.

Face massage increases blood flow to the tissues carrying nutrients necessary for cell health / healthy cells, happy skin/.
It supports lymphatic flow assuring tissue detoxification and healthy environment for your cells to live in.
Massage releases stress and tension from the facial tissues and leaves you with a soft and peaceful expression. 
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