Tea spoon - my cleansing power tool.

No, I am not using a tea spoon to cleanse my skin but I do scrape my tongue with it every morning.
If you already are into tongue scraping read no more, but if you have never indulged in this peculiar practice stay with me and I will show you that your tea spoon has a higher purpose then stirring sugar in your coffee:)))
According to Ayurveda - 'the science of life' originating in India, the tongue is quite a story teller in regards to the internal state of our well-being. The science of tongue analysis is complex and it is a part of an Ayurvedic health assessment. What Ayurveda suggests is that while we sleep we release toxins from the digestive tract. Over night these toxins accumulate on the surface of our tongues. If we do not remove the toxic coating from our tongues first thing in the morning, we end up ingesting it with our first drink or meal. Yuk!!!  Hence the tea spoon. You can purchase a fancy tongue scraper at your health food store but I find that a tea spoon does the trick.
I strongly recommend you add this simple practice to your morning routine. Your mouth will feel way better. It is simply good hygiene, keeping you body cleaner and your mouth healthier.

1.  Pick a teaspoon from your kitchen and make a home for it in the bathroom, next to your tooth brush.

2.  Every morning upon rising clean your tongue, only then brush your teeth.

3.  Follow with a glass of warm purified water with a splash of fresh lemon. 

Now, that's a fresh start to your day. Simple like that!