Simply Raw Express

Simply Raw Express has just opened its door at 989 Wellington street in Ottawa's up-and-coming neighbourhood of Hintonburg.

Congratulations to the owners Natasha Kyssa and Mark Faul who for many years, have been promoting the raw vegan way of life. Special acknowledgement to Natasha for her perseverance. She has been on the raw food path for twenty some years. I am certain it was not always easy going against the current. 

Natasha has been offering her services assisting people through her detox program, teaching about the raw vegan diet and she is also an author of the Simply Raw Detox Manual - a book definitely worth having.

A few years back, I personally had the pleasure to experience Natasha's 28-day detox program. I loved it! I believe it to be the best way to detox. Results are awesome and the process itself becomes a great reminder of what pure food tastes like. Finally you get to experience food as medicine!  Next time you feel like you need to clean out your body and want to see a healthy glow to your skin, sign up for Natasha's cleanse at

The famous Norwalk juicer; I have been fantasizing about it since the 80's. It is the Rolls-Royce of  juicers. Now, I can drink great, fresh juices pressed by this awesome contraption! Finally my fantasy has been fulfilled.

At Simply Raw Express you will find a selection of super-foods, very tasty raw vegan sushi, salads, smoothies and soups for those who like it hot. Treat yourself to Natasha's raw cheesecake; it is a must!

Simply Raw (Norwalk juicer expressed) fresh organic juices. I have tasted energizing carrot/apple and green alkalizing blend. Both delicious!

Good luck Simply Raw Express! I wish you great success:)))