Bio-dynamic Jurlique, skin care line of my choice.

--> I was first introduced to Jurlique over 18 years ago by an American naturopathic doctor. I was immediately taken by the company's commitment to create pure, effective and healthy skin care and by the obvious passion of the founders, Dr Jurgen Klein and his wife Urlike. My discovery of Jurlique gave me a 'push' to transition from my massage therapy practice to skin and face care. I have always loved working with the face but at the time I was not able to find a suitable, pure product which would work in harmony with the body and nature. Not until I had come across Jurlique that is. The rest is history.
I have been working with Jurlique exclusively adding only pure oils and raw organic material to enhance my treatments. Over the years there have been many changes within the company as it has moved through different owners. Sometimes the changes were troubling, sometimes they were good. It seems that Jurlique is in good hands now with solid Japanese ownership.
Those of you who have experienced Jurlique in treatment or at home know that their products are truly amazing. There are a few staples which are seriously hard to live without once you know how they make your skin feel.
Jurlique at WOMAN DIVINE in Ottawa
ROSEWATER MIST with its sublime scent is loved by everyone. I have  yet to find a moisturizer for dry dehydrated skin like MOISTURE REPLENISHING DAY CREAM. In 18 years I had no luck in finding anything comparable. HERBAL RECOVERY GEL - Jurlique's best seller is a precious, potent concoction of plant material which feeds the skin with much needed nutrients and will noticeably improve the texture of your skin. FACE WASH CREAM a gentle, lovely smelling exfoliate will remove dead skin cells and unlike other scrubs will leave your skin smooth and HYDRATED. It is one of my favorite. WRINKLE SOFTENING CREAM is loved by many clients for the treatment of the delicate areas around the eyes, mouth and the neck. CALENDULA CREAM soothes red and sensitive skin and provides a lovely matte finish for those who are bothered by blemishes and excessive oiliness during the day. MOISTURE REPLENISHING MASK is my favorite mask with some amazing properties to sooth, hydrate, lift and brighten the skin. Its citrus smell adds a refreshing and uplifting effect to the experience.  
There are many more products I could mention. These however are my top picks. All of them are the original Jurlique formulas from 25 years ago; still working their magic.
Since 1985, Jurlique has pioneered natural, high performance skin care products. Jurlique was founded in South Australia, one of the purest places on Earth, in an ideally suited and unpolluted environment where harmony with nature is at the heart of the free-spirited Australian lifestyle. Company mission is to provide the purest, most effective skin care through nature, science and innovation Jurlique’s unparalleled botanical expertise is drawn from the experience of operating their own 153-acre farm. Through the techniques of biodynamic farming, Jurlique has been an industry leader – optimizing the potency of the plants grown for the most effective results on skin.
In 25 years, Jurlique has grown to include hundreds of products but the vision behind it remains the same. At the heart of every product is a potent blend of herbs and flowers brought to life in Jurlique's formulas and delivered to your skin. Many of these botanicals are hand-grown and tended on the company's 153-acre farm in South Australia. Jurlique scientists complement formulas with the finest, most potent, biodynamic, organic and natural ingredients sourced the world over — ingredients which meet Jurlique’s exacting standards. Jurlique is uniquely positioned to ensure the highest efficacy and optimum quality in their products.
Jurlique's famous roses. They give a sublime scent to many of their products.

Jurlique's flag stores around the world. 


 I hope one day I will get to experience treatments at one of the Jurlique spas. It all looks so beautiful!