The lovely strawberry.

Lately, the sweet taste and beautiful scent of strawberries have been my indulgence.  Locally grown strawberries taste way different from the imported, oddly large and totally lacking aroma fruit we buy in the cold months of the year. Now is the time to truly enjoy them.
Native to North and South America, strawberries are a good source of vitamin C. They are also very good for the intestinal tract and improve elimination. They alkalize your body, are high in sodium and have a good amount of potassium.

Strawberries are delicious juiced, in fruit salads or on their own.
Try frozen banana, a handful of strawberries and almond milk in your smoothie. Very tasty!  

You can infuse their leaves to make an astringent face spray for oily and combo skin types. Prepare like an herb tea, cool and transport into a little spray bottle. It keeps for a day.

Fresh strawberry pulp will brighten the teeth and freshen the breath.

Use strawberries in a mask for oily and combination skin and to calm blemishes.

They will tighten the pores, lighten uneven complexion, eliminate dead skin cells and leave you glowing and refreshed.

Strawberry mask:
2-4 well washed organic strawberries 
1tsp of honey ( you can eat the leftovers:)) )
optional: 1tsp of green clay and a good drizzle of jojoba oil 

strawberry mask

Blend all of the ingredients, apply for 10 minutes, relax and expect the loveliness of the strawberry to rub off on you:))