My visit to Warsaw.

I have just come back from a visit to Poland and I thought, I will share with you a few pictures from Warsaw, my home town. Warsaw is a vibrant and dynamic city with a population of about 2,600,000. It is a major tourist destination so if you ever have a chance to visit Poland, you must put Warsaw on your list. My home town has survived many wars throughout history and has suffered terrible loss during World War II. About 80% of the buildings were destroyed and it has taken many years to  restore it to its former beauty.

Welcome to the Old Town, my very favorite part of Warsaw.
 Nowy Swiat is my absolutely favorite street in Warsaw. Filled with restaurants, coffee shops, little boutiques, it beams with life.

Of course, I always seek natural products wherever I am; no different while in Poland. This is my very favorite herbal store in Warsaw.
When I was little, polish pharmacies were filled with the scent of dry herbs and their shelves were lined with herbal remedies. Medical doctors used to prescribe herbal medicine.
Today, western ways have moved into Poland and sadly pharmaceutical companies dominate the field. You can still find some natural medicines at the common pharmacies but the scent of dry herbs is long gone...

Stores like this one are a great support for people who wish to continue using herbs and other natural remedies in their lives.

While in Warsaw I have discovered PHENOME, a polish organic skin care company.

Their stores are lovely, modern and the service was wonderful.

I purchased a couple of their products and I LOVE them. It would be wonderful to have them here in Canada.