Acne treatment - a fresh start, the holistic way.


Over the last 18 years of my skin care practice I have met many clients who are searching for an effective acne treatment. Many are discouraged, by having tried (without success) endless skin care products, which promised blemish free skin. I have worked with women who have spent years on antibiotics to treat acne.  Not only did they experience the numerous side effects of the drugs but the acne would return as soon as the prescription was stopped. The most frustrating thing for me to witness has been sensitive skin acne, burning with redness from the use of harsh, drying products which should not even be on the market never mind on sensitive skin; actually on any skin.
It is obvious that acne treatment is a frustrating journey for many. It is often so because we search for solutions in the wrong places.
I promise if you have been suffering with chronic acne there is much more to the treatment than a tube of ‘miraculous cream'.  You can buy an entire department of skin care products and you will never be satisfied with the results.  Your search for the perfect solution in a bottle becomes endless; you will always need to buy more product because the last one you have used felt like ‘IT’ just for a while. Then you feel disappointed yet again. It is exhausting, tough on your wallet and very discouraging.
But your body is a very wise ‘machine’ and there is light at the end of the tunnel! You can use your acne experience as an opportunity to reexamine your overall health, lifestyle and diet. Those committed to change see results beyond just clear skin. Try more energy, vitality and mental clarity along with a fresh glow.
The solution lies in recognizing your skin as a part of a whole system. Treating it as separate from the rest of you (body and mind) makes no more sense that telling a guy who had a heart attack to take a pill and keep on smoking.
Diet is #1 in a holistic acne treatment but do you know what to eat?
You maybe eating ‘good’ food but it may be not so good for you.  We are all different and looking at your constitutional makeup needs to be a starting point.  What do you thrive on and what is a burden for your body?
Lifestyle comes next.
Do you sleep enough? Do you exercise? What about stress levels?  Obvious right? But how are you doing in these aspects of your life?
It is surprising how many women still go to bed without washing their face.
Listen to your thoughts.
What is the song that plays in your head over and over again?
Do you obsess about every new pimple you get? Do you constantly check yourself in the mirror or touch your face in search for imperfections?
Do you like the way you look? 
Do you think of your skin problem as a call for self-compassion and self-love?
Do you hate what you see? 
Do you feel ugly and unattractive? 
How does having acne affect your life?
How much time do you spend thinking about it every day?  
How does it affect relationships in your life including the one with yourself?
How does it affect your mood?
What about your self-esteem and self-confidence?
It is clear that acne treatment must go far beyond external applications of product just as acne's affect on YOU goes far beyond the look of your skin.