Raw facial - a feast for your skin.

If you haven't yet come to see me for the Raw Vegan Face Treatment at Woman Divine  now is the time. This treatment feels the nicest in the hot summer months. Fresh produce is abundant and I get to pick the best organic fruit and veggies for your skin.
I love creating these from scratch, fresh, live and fully custom tailored treatments, for few reasons.
#1 Live
 I work with a commercial organic skin care line all year round. But every time I do one of the raw treatments, I experience a noticeable difference in the energetic quality of the material I am working with.
The fresh fruit, raw honey, almond meal, matcha powder or freshly pressed wheat grass, vibrate with life and are very dynamic in their nature. Simply said, they are alive. It is a wonderful thing to experience as a therapist but it is also amazing to see simple fresh food interact with your skin and produce a desired outcome.
#2  Fun
It is like cooking and I love cooking. I get to be creative when I am formulating a fresh mask. Compare that to squeezing a tube of ready stuff.  It is fun for you too because you get to experience a  new approach to skin care and you walk out inspired to use food as beauty remedies at home.

#3 Simple 
If you already know me, you are well aware that I like my beauty care simple. I like it uncomplicated, easy and unpretentious. I share my bohemian approach to beauty and skin care with others because I know that once you embrace it, life in a female body becomes freer, easier and simpler;  in a good way.
#4 Pure 
You can not go any purer than this. You can eat it; all of it.  And it tastes great:))
I buy the produce locally as much as I can. Of course, it is not always possible to find all the ingredients locally, but I do my best.
Everything I use is organic and most of it is prepared on the spot. Some of the herbal preparations must be done ahead of time so I get them ready in the morning. 

#5 Harmony
At my core, this beautiful, nature-driven, planet-respecting body and skin supporting way of beauty care makes complete sense... It surely works in Harmony with Nature.