A little bit about Lesia

Lesia Maruschak the founder of Cure: Blood Cancer  is the gracious host and organizer of our upcoming From Garden to Face workshop.

Lesia Maruschak founder of Cure: Blood Cancer Foundation

Lesia Maruschak founder of Cure: Blood Cancer Foundation

Lesia is one special lady! She runs marathons, paints icons and travels the world to study iconography with Masters. She is also a natural alchemist, mixing lotions and potions for her friends and family. The potion part is what really connected Lesia and I... actually there is more but this was the initial link. We talk products and recipes and compare notes. Hence the workshop collaboration. Lesia has a special gift for understanding colours and scents. You notice immediately when you hear her talk as she uses interesting language to describe them... beautiful. 

Before blood cancer showed up on Lesia's life path, she had a fancy job... this girl is very, very smart. A well balanced mix of a creative spirit and strong mind, nowadays Lesia has been putting her talents to work through her Cure: Blood Cancer foundation. This year she was presented with a Governor General's Caring Canadian Award for her contributions to her community. 

In short Lesia Maruschak is pretty amazing and an incredible inspiration. I consider myself very lucky to know her.

If you happen to participate in our From Garden to Face Workshop make sure to have a chat with Lesia: you will see what I mean.