A little bit about Lesia

Lesia Maruschak the founder of Cure: Blood Cancer  is the gracious host and organizer of our upcoming From Garden to Face workshop.

Lesia Maruschak founder of Cure: Blood Cancer Foundation

Lesia Maruschak founder of Cure: Blood Cancer Foundation

Lesia is one special lady! She runs marathons, paints icons and travels the world to study iconography with Masters. She is also a natural alchemist, mixing lotions and potions for her friends and family. The potion part is what really connected Lesia and I... actually there is more but this was the initial link. We talk products and recipes and compare notes. Hence the workshop collaboration. Lesia has a special gift for understanding colours and scents. You notice immediately when you hear her talk as she uses interesting language to describe them... beautiful. 

Before blood cancer showed up on Lesia's life path, she had a fancy job... this girl is very, very smart. A well balanced mix of a creative spirit and strong mind, nowadays Lesia has been putting her talents to work through her Cure: Blood Cancer foundation. This year she was presented with a Governor General's Caring Canadian Award for her contributions to her community. 

In short Lesia Maruschak is pretty amazing and an incredible inspiration. I consider myself very lucky to know her.

If you happen to participate in our From Garden to Face Workshop make sure to have a chat with Lesia: you will see what I mean. 

Will you make some products with me?

The season of Raw Vegan Facials, making herbal infusions, fresh herb picking and playing with food as skin care, is in full gear! This is my favourite time of the year to make skin care products simply because nature provides me with the most beautiful, fresh ingredients to create with. I have been seriously playing with product making for a few years now and it is the third season for Woman Divine to offer Raw Vegan Face Treatments to clients. I realize now that the need for creating remedies runs in my blood. When I was a little girl, I watched my mom lovingly prepare homemade remedies for my dad who was sick. We had an aloe plantation living on the window sills of our home and mom always had some interesting 'concoction' going.

Knock on wood, nobody is sick in my household. My passion is holistic skin care and I love preparing oils, masks, scrubs and other fresh, simple and elegant products to nurture your skin and mine too.

It is my intention to turn them into beautiful pure and loving rituals of self care.

This summer I want to share with women like you my favourite recipes and formulas! I have created a product making workshop and I hope you will join me. If you know anybody who might be interested please share this info. 

This particular workshop is a fundraiser for  blood cancer research. All proceeds will go to the Cure Blood Cancer/Ottawa, a foundation created by an amazing and inspiring client and dear friend Lesia Maruschak. You will have a chance to meet her as she has graciously offered to be my personal assistant during this workshop. 

Lesia and I will do our best to make it a wonderful experience. We will hang out together, formulating great product for our skin. I will share with you many useful skin care tips and we will raise some money to support a worthy cause. I hope you will be there :-)

Check below for the details and please let me know if you have any questions. 

organic product making workshop in Ottawa

organic product making workshop in Ottawa

Get inspired with our From Garden to Face Workshop and turn your kitchen into a natural beauty lab!

From face masks, herbal toners and scrubs to facial oils and lip balms, learn how to formulate your very own skin care products from the most pure and simple ingredients in your kitchen.

During this workshop we will be using seasonal produce from our local farmers' market along with many other botanical and organic raw materials. We will share with you many tricks of the trade and our favourite skin care tips. You will bring home a selection of wonderful freshly made skin care products: Face Balm, Lip Balm, Face Serum, Face Scrub and Healthy Gums Oil.

All proceeds from this workshop go to Blood Cancer Research Ottawa

When: 12July, 2014 10:00am to 1:00pm
Location: Maplesoft Centre 1500 Alta Vista Dr. Ottawa

Register online at

Glow an urban retreat for women

It is coming up at the end of this month!

Join Donna DavisAlexa Spas and myself for this fun educational and inspirational Sunday afternoon retreat. We will eat good food, drink amazing freshly pressed juices, play with raw skin care and do some yoga.

Lots of good learning and great goodies to bring home :-)


Need more info? Contact me at or call at 613 2167676


Tired of looking for a perfect skin care product? Make your own and have fun doing it!

Last Saturday I was in Almonte, hanging out with an amazing group of women from the Rising Sun Yoga Studio.  As Pure As It Can Be Workshop in action... we were playing in a lovely kitchen making our very own, all pure, healthy and natural beauty products.

It feels very good, getting together with a group of women sharing wisdom, interests and a good laugh.

We made some cool products to take home. Hopefully this is just the beginning and everyone is inspired to create more.

This is what some of the women said about their experience.

I really enjoyed your presentation and what you do is of great interest to me also. It’s funny, you reminded me of when I was a little girl and I used to go into the kitchen, the garden and my mother’s cosmetics and experiment with making my own lotions and potions...

I love all of the products we made.

I believe it is so important for women to share and support each other as you are with your business!
— Leigh
Amazing and simple.
— Angelina
Loved every minute!
— Jennifer
Everything was so well organized and presented beautifully.
— Mary

Thank you Almonte Rising Sun Yoga I had an amazing time with you!


If you are interested in hosting one of my workshops or would like to join the next available one or simply would like more info, contact me at or by phone: 613 2167676