Wrinkles on my face.

I am personally very intrigued by the psychology of wrinkles. From the physiological perspective there are numerous causes of facial wrinkles and there are also different types of wrinkles that you will find on your face. Some are very superficial some deep, some are very deep. It is the deep and very deep ones that I take special interest in.


As my own body and face are experiencing changes which come with living long enough to notice physical disintegration, crystallization and fixed patterns of tension, I am even more interested simply because I want to understand myself and life expressing through the body I occupy:)

Deep wrinkles are formed deep in the tissues. You see them on the surface and you may think it’s your skin but actually your skin is just expressing the state of tension present in the connective tissue and your muscles. You can apply all the creams in the world and you will not see a difference with this type of wrinkle (unless the cream contains peptides which have a similar effect on the muscle as botox does). 

We know it is tension in deeper layers of facial tissues and we could approach it from the physical perspective. Right away face massage comes to mind as a great remedy.  But the question to ask is why did the tension build up in these tissues in the first place? The answer will come from beyond the physical. It will also reveal why you may dislike what you see in the mirror. It really is not the wrinkle itself that you don’t like, it’s what it represents, it’s what message it holds within its tight fold that you’d rather not see, that you’d rather be not reminded of.

As mind and body are forever working together and what you feel on the emotional level always finds expression in your physical being. Furrowed brows, raised foreheads, tight lips with lines all around are actually thought patterns which have been playing in your mind over and over again. They represent sadness, frustration, anger, dissatisfaction….

If you are a happy joyful being, you may have ‘happy wrinkles’ around your eyes, the laugh lines may have formed… I bet if that’s you, you are not bothered by your lines at all. 

So what to do when you are not happy with what you see?  Recognizing the connection between thought, emotion and their expression in the physical body is essential. This way you acknowledge that you are actually the creator and not the victim. Spend time daily, touching your face lovingly and kindly and know that it maybe be holding a lot of your pains and worries. Messages it holds are here to help you, not to bring you down. Take moments to breath as you gently rest the palm of your hands on your face.

This will be a wonderful beginning to a fresh relationship with your face and yourself. If you feel inspired to explore more contact me.

Many blessings, Magdalena

Face Yoga & the practice of mindful beauty workshop

Your face is magic... complex and dynamic, it tells your story, communicates your emotions and connects you to the world around you.

Its beauty runs way deeper than ‘perfect’ features and the care it requires is different from that of the latest cream.

Your face is asking you to pay attention.

The Face Yoga workshop is an innovative offering to teach you how to lovingly, confidently and with purpose care for yourself by harnessing the wisdom of your face.

No need ever again to fall for the ‘latest and bestest’ in skin care. No need to feel intimidated or to attempt to fit into the existing model of beauty.

The Face Yoga workshop will give you tools to practice beauty mindfully according to your very personal needs.

It will empower, inspire and motivate you to love your face, claim your beauty and to wear it with grace and confidence.

The creator of Face Yoga workshop:

Magdalena Tomczak is a holistic skin care therapist and owner of Woman Divine.

Magdalena’s busy practice spans over 20 years and it focuses solely on the treatments for the face. In her work Magdalena draws on an eclectic background in massage therapy, nutrition, herbal medicine, aromatherapy and a great love for Eastern health and beauty practices, Ayurveda in particular.