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Hi there :-) I know, it has been a while... moving, renovations... to put it shortly there was no time or energy left for writing blog posts. I know you'll understand. Since Spring is here and I'm feeling human again, I thought I will say hello and share with you some good resources to help you with Spring cleansing if you wish to go ahead with it this season. Always a good idea.
Ok, so there are many great people offering great services and sometimes it is difficult to decide. I will give you my favourites.



Amy Longard Registered Holistic Nutritionist. You can find her here. Amy is a great, kind and caring person and very knowledgeable in the nutrition department. She does one on one consultations and offers all kinds of nutrition related workshops all around the city. If you want to take a good look at your diet and/or a Spring cleanse she is your person to book with.

Donna Davis is an avid athlete, yogi and nutrition coach. She is a very generous spirit, fun and down to earth. She periodically offers online programs geared at cleansing and nutrition. She runs a private Facebook group where people can ask questions, share recipes and such. If online is your thing you can find Donna here.


Urban Juice Press is a very cool place founded by Justin Gauthier. Their fresh pressed juices are organic, delicious and come in glass bottles:)  You can get a single juice or choose from various package options. You can buy their juices in shop at 340 Parkdale or online here. My personal humble opinion is that juicing is a great way to clean your system up, particularly in Spring and Fall.

SIMPLE AYURVEDIC KITCHARI CLEANSE is always nice to do.  The recipe is in the previous post I have written many moons ago:) you will find it here. I would add sprouts and bitters to my kitchari cleanse in the Spring.


If you feel that you want to have a serious check up and guidance from a naturopath here two great Ottawa doctors.

Dr. Kristy Lewis at Sage Wellness specializes in women's health.

Dr. Jan Dorrell at Keenan Health Centre.

Both doctors are wonderful, down to earth and a pleasure to work with.


Pure Kitchen is my absolutely favourite in town. Vegetarian with many vegan option and their fresh pressed juices are delicious. 'Healed' is my #1


When seasons change, it is a great time to get a face treatment and to take a look at your home routine. You know where to find me:)

So there you have it. I hope you find this helpful.

All best,

Ps. If you have not been to my new studio yet, I must tell you I really love it. It is bright and sunny and... I just love it!!!

Glow an urban retreat for women

It is coming up at the end of this month!

Join Donna DavisAlexa Spas and myself for this fun educational and inspirational Sunday afternoon retreat. We will eat good food, drink amazing freshly pressed juices, play with raw skin care and do some yoga.

Lots of good learning and great goodies to bring home :-)


Need more info? Contact me at info@womandivine.ca or call at 613 2167676


Why I love juicing with Flexi Lexi.

Yayyyyyy! Just finishing up my 3 day juice cleanse, literally,  2 more juices to go.

I love juicing (nothing like a freshly pressed juice) but sometimes I really do not feel like pressing juices myself. Call it lazy but if you have ever juiced you know it is messy and the cleanup takes quiet a bit of time, no matter how easy the juicer company promises it to be.

This time I have treated myself to a juice detox with the lovely Alexa Spas the owner of Flexi Lexi an Ottawa business focused on culinary nutrition and juice cleansing.

I absolutely loved the idea of all juices being prepared for me and delivered to my door. Yes, Alexa will press the delicious cleansing juices, all 18 of them and bring them to you. No need to scrub carrots, core apples, dice beets 6 times a day, no need to think which recipes will be the best to include in your juice cleanse... not even a trip to the store to buy all the produce needed...pure cleansing heaven.

Alexa's juices, each of the six you will have every day are very very tasty and there is plenty to satisfy you throughout the day. OK... I had my moments which is also a good reason to go with Flexi Lexi. All of the juices are in your fridge, paid for... so even if the weak moment strikes you will feel you may as well keep going. No easy way out:)

We are coming into a perfect time of the year for a cleanse. If you are feeling sluggish, tired and wanting to get a fresh kick start to healthier eating and a clearer complexion, I highly suggest you get Flexi with Lexi soon. I sure am glad I did.

Thank you Alexa!  I am looking forward to many more of your awesome delicious and nutritious juices:))

How to get in touch with Alexa Spas?



email: hello@flexilexi.ca