Why I love juicing with Flexi Lexi.

Yayyyyyy! Just finishing up my 3 day juice cleanse, literally,  2 more juices to go.

I love juicing (nothing like a freshly pressed juice) but sometimes I really do not feel like pressing juices myself. Call it lazy but if you have ever juiced you know it is messy and the cleanup takes quiet a bit of time, no matter how easy the juicer company promises it to be.

This time I have treated myself to a juice detox with the lovely Alexa Spas the owner of Flexi Lexi an Ottawa business focused on culinary nutrition and juice cleansing.

I absolutely loved the idea of all juices being prepared for me and delivered to my door. Yes, Alexa will press the delicious cleansing juices, all 18 of them and bring them to you. No need to scrub carrots, core apples, dice beets 6 times a day, no need to think which recipes will be the best to include in your juice cleanse... not even a trip to the store to buy all the produce needed...pure cleansing heaven.

Alexa's juices, each of the six you will have every day are very very tasty and there is plenty to satisfy you throughout the day. OK... I had my moments which is also a good reason to go with Flexi Lexi. All of the juices are in your fridge, paid for... so even if the weak moment strikes you will feel you may as well keep going. No easy way out:)

We are coming into a perfect time of the year for a cleanse. If you are feeling sluggish, tired and wanting to get a fresh kick start to healthier eating and a clearer complexion, I highly suggest you get Flexi with Lexi soon. I sure am glad I did.

Thank you Alexa!  I am looking forward to many more of your awesome delicious and nutritious juices:))

How to get in touch with Alexa Spas?