dry skin brushing

Body balms, oils & self-massage

By now you are probably feeling dry all over and your skin is screaming for some extra oil. 

Indoor heating, extra layers of clothing... same story every winter.

You can slap some oil on just to improve the skin hydration or, I have a better idea. A bit more involving but a whole lot more rewarding :-)

You will need:

  • a natural bristle brush
  • oil or body balm (preferably specific to your body type and needs... I can help you with this) 
  • and about 20minutes of your time.

Best to practice in the morning... it is invigorating and will make you feel all tingly.

Start with the dry brush:
run it up your body starting with the feet and legs, hands and arms and the rest.it is not brain surgery... simple upward or circular strokes will do.
Do not be too rough. gentle does it!
You can jump in the shower when you are done
or use a warm damp cloth to wipe of the loose dead skin cells still lingering on.
You are ready for a self massage now.
Warmed up oil feels amazing and works great on dry skin.
Drop a small bottle of oil into hot water, wait few minutes and there you have it.
Start with your head, working down all the way to your toes. Be generous with the oil... it is good for you.
Take your time, massage gently and increase the pressure to what feels right for you.

Self massage or Abhyanga in sanskrit is a daily Ayurvedic practice.
'Aba' means glow and Anga means 'limbs'.
Benefits of daily Abhyanga : improved sleep, well nourished tissues, healthy skin...
If you do it daily your skin will be very happy and it will feel like a baby's bottom and that's a promise.

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