Woman Divine Skin Care is a pure botanical, all-organic, handcrafted, micro-batch collection of face and body oils and balms created for you in my sunny Ottawa studio. 

Woman Divine Skin Care is inspired by Polish pharmacies of my childhood, where shelves were lined with botanical preparations, the scent
of dried herbs filled the air and the pharmacist formulated face cream for my Mom by the order.
It is the result of my love affair with healing plants and oils and a deep belief in beauty through simplicity.

It developed organically over the years as clients who enjoyed my oil blends during face treatments started asking for custom skin care
formulas to take home. Thus, each product was originally created for a client and their specific needs.
Today, the best of these formulas are enjoyed by many and are available to you.

I believe that ‘the energy of the cook is always in the food’, so I take special care to formulate mindfully. I always approach the process with a clear intention, a peaceful mind, great respect for the plants I work with and the people who will use my products.  Product making, like my treatments is very much a meditative process.



What you do to your skin, you do to the rest of your body! 

First and foremost whatever you apply to your skin must be health giving. WD skin care is formulated to assist in restoring healthy skin balance by working in harmony with the skin.

Secondly, product which is meant to heal your skin must begin with premium quality plant material. Woman Divine Skin Care is prepared with all-organic healing and nourishing cold pressed vegetable oils, nut and seed butters, essential oils and premium quality herbs. Each ingredient provides support for skin health and there are no fillers, parabens, alcohol, sulphates, propylene glycol, mineral oil, GMO, artificial colours or fragrance...
There are no toxic ingredients in my products. None at all!

Woman Divine Skin Care is palm oil free and mostly vegan (only our lip balm contains local sustainable beeswax). Our formulas do not contain any water.  

 Some of the ingredients in Woman Divine Skin Care come from sustainable, organic producers from all around the globe.

I do however make sure to source whatever plant material is available from our artisan organic local herb growers and oil producers. I know them personally, I know and respect their growing practices and their deep relationship both with the plants and the land. Thanks to them I can formulate products with plant material of the highest quality there is.



Moving with Nature's ebb and flow.

If you wish to use pure organic skin care products formulated from living plant material, you must accept this as part of the deal.
Tomatoes from your garden will taste slightly different this year from last year. Variable weather conditions and slight changes in the earth's nutrient
content will make your tomatoes unique each year and so it will affect the profile of herbs and flowers from which pure plant skin care is made. A fresh batch of essential oil or herb used in production may mean a slightly different colour or scent to your product; Same properties, same formula but Nature likes to change things up from time to time.

Only lab engineered aromas allow beauty companies to produce skin care products and perfume with consistent and identical scent year after year. As much as some of us may enjoy predictability, this convenience comes with a high price to our health.

Woman Divine Skin Care formulas  support your health and are delivered to you fresh, still beaming with the life-energy of the plants.

My face and body balms are beeswax free. This means that they will change their consistency when exposed to high heat. If left next to the radiator or in the sun on your window sill (which by the way you should never do with oil based products), they may even liquify. If this ever happens, simply put your balm in the fridge or in a cool place and it will harden again. 



Recognizing that the treasure lives inside.

The packaging is a simple and lovely amber glass and the emphasis is focused on what is inside.

I do my best to be environmentally mindful and not to create unnecessary waste.  There are no extra cardboard boxes to hold the bottles and jars. I choose simple oil stoppers as closures for oils and serums. You will not find dispensing pumps or glass droppers with my products for a couple of reasons. First, pumps and glass droppers create more waste. Secondly in my opinion they are not the best for products containing essential and vegetable oils.

If you use a glass dropper, every time you open it air gets in and causes oxidation of your precious oil. The volatile aromatic molecules of essential oils are given a chance to disperse into the air. If you use a pump then you have the plastic tube which is the part of your pump sitting in oil. Plastic reacts with essential oils...



Does a higher price mean a better product?

In today's skin care market place pricing does not reflect the quality of the product. Skin care companies would like you to believe that the more you pay for a product the better and the more effective it is.

My personal belief is that clean, quality, life supporting skin care just like clean life supporting food should be available and accessible to everyone who wishes to live a healthy life.

All Woman Divine Skin Care formulas are of the highest quality and effectiveness and are priced fairly.

In order to keep our prices accessible, we choose not to wholesale...no middle man here. WD products are available through our online store and our Westboro studio only. 

 Magdalena Tomczak
skin care therapist & modern apothecary

I would love to get the biggest jar of your Face Balm I could order - I absolutely love it - it’s amazing!
— Amber Young
Dear Magdalena, How grateful I am that you sent your handmade face-treatment-in-a-pot home with me! It is spectacular. Never thought I’d be converted from my potions but your creation is SUPREME! I will be back for more.
— Jen
Magdalena - I’m loving the oil! It feels great on my skin, absorbs easily, and smells great. Thank you!
— Leslie