Today’s focus on the external may have tempted you away from your essence, your beauty and from simply feeling good in your skin. My intention is to encourage and support you in finding your way back by developing a deeper, happier relationship with your beauty and your body.

Hi, I am Magdalena and I am very happy that you are here!

Welcome to my online world of holistic beauty, the extension of Woman Divine skin care studio & apothecary where I spend most of my days concocting botanical facials, massaging beautiful faces and formulating skin care products. 

I’m a skin and facial therapist and botanical product formulator. Most formulators don’t get a chance to see the immediate results their products have on peoples’ skin day to day and most therapists are not able to adjust the composition of formulas that they use. Being both, makes me the lucky medium between living plants and your precious skin. I apply high quality botanicals, observe and tweak accordingly to transform your skin.  This is an organic process of communication, an exchange of wisdom so to speak between your skin, plants and myself. It is kind of magical and so are the results.

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                This ‘healing lab’ that I partake in on a daily basis is actually nothing new to me.                                                  I grew up with a very loving and nurturing mom and a very sick dad. Mom did everything she could to make my dad feel better and to help him heal. She cooked the most nutritious meals, prepared herbal home medicines and I got to witness how pure food, organic herbs and compassion can heal almost anything.                                       You can say that herbs, oils and nurturing loving care are in my blood and I have learned from the best:)

As I grew up, I wanted to learn more and I have completed studies in various healing modalities including nutrition, aromatherapy, herbal medicine, massage therapy, reflexology… I have quickly discovered though that I loved working with the face the most thus an in depth study of skin care and many face massage techniques followed including: deep tissue face massage, aromatherapy face massage, intra-oral (buccal) technique, Japanese face lifting technique, classical European face massage techniques, Dr Hauschka face massage, connective tissue massage and cranial work relating to facial rejuvenation, Guasha, and emotional release through face work. Always eager to learn more and to improve my services I'm presently pursuing the Ayurvedic Health Consultant studies which I hope to complete in 2019. I have a deep love for Ayurveda. It brings together all aspects of being and healing and it helps me see your skin from the perspective of wholeness in the most profound ways I could imagine.

So, whatever your skin health challenge or problem is, whatever your skin health desires are, I am all ears, healing herbs and oils and a whole lot of amazing face massage.  In short, I love my work, I know my stuff and I’m confident that I can help you. 

You can book your appointment online or call the studio at: 613 2167676

Magdalena is by far the best skin care therapist I have come across. Her knowledge base is superior and wide ranging. Magdalena believes in empowering women and encourages us to be gentle with one self. Many beauty professionals tend to point to our faults in order to sell products. Magdalena believes we are beautiful at any age. This attitude has had a profound effect on my ability to be happy with myself. I highly recommend Magdalena’s services.
— Nathalie G.
For a decade no less, I have benefitted from Magdalena’s unique skills as a holistic skin therapist. Her customized facial treatments and products are the only ones I use. Each treatment provides my skin with the moisturizing and nourishment it needs for days on end – and in addition, while blissfully waiting for the facial mask to do its work, I am treated to a foot massage! Nothing is more nurturing than to spend an hour with this authentic and wise practitioner. Magdalena has made it simple for you to be kind to your body.
— Gisèle D.
Thank you very much for making me feel so wonderful. Truly it put me in touch with my soul.
— business consultant
For a truly wonderful Organic Healing day Spa treatment I highly recommend Woman Divine! Magdalena Tomczak offers the most relaxing and caring facial I have ever enjoyed.Definitely not your average treatment, a total joy.
— Joni E.
I have recently tried WD’s raw vegan facial and what a treat it was. I must say I imagined it would feel more like food applied to your face (which may not be that appealing!). It was nothing like it. The presentation of ingredients was excellent and so was the treatment itself. I have a very sensitive skin, which gets irritated easily especially around the eyes. The choice of ingredients worked perfectly for my skin. My face felt clean, revived and relaxed after. Big thank you to WD for introducing me to raw facials. I only wish I could stay longer in Ottawa for yet another treatment. Olympic gold to WD for their raw vegan facial! I will be back.;
— Catherine T, London, UK
The facial treatment you gave me last September 9 was awesome!I had a feeling of refreshing coolness and rejuvenation which lasted the whole weekend. I could still feel the benefits the week after. My face had a natural glow.The fact that you mostly used your fingers and hands on my face instead of a facecloth contributed to a feeling of natural soft and smooth application. The feeling of the facecloth can be harsh sometimes. I also really enjoyed the high quality organic ingredients you prepared for my skin condition. The special honey, the tea pads on my eyes, the cucumber juice toner, etc. I have a strong appreciation for those ingredients with lots vitamins and minerals which nourish my skin and contribute to keeping it healthy. We live in the country and the salt water softener is hard on the skin and can deplete it. So restorative natural ingredients to nourish the skin are part of my approach to balance this situation. Thank you again Magdalena.
— Monique D.
Each treatment brought an enhancement of some sort. During the early stages of the program, becoming ‘aware’ of the numerous facial tensions was most prevalent along with almost immediate restoration to the cheeks. As we progressed with the treatments, more noticeable to me was how easily the air was flowing through the nose, ears and mouth; the cork was released. I have also discovered I had gained facial mobility. I came to realization that the improved quality of my sleep may be attributed to the program. The treatment itself provides time for rest and relaxation, and once completed, the element of surprise that always brings a refreshed and revitalized look is energizing. The original expectation of rejuvenation is definitely secondary to the resulting health benefits, although I must say the facial transformation is also quite uplifting.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.
— Aline Y.
Just back from an amazing facial – wait not just a facial but an organic, out-of-this-world, blissful 60+ minutes of feeling totally pampered by Magdalena Tomczak the founder of Woman Divine

Magdalena uses certified organic and biodynamic skin care products and organic, wild-crafted essential oils – heavenly. During my facial Magdalena combined massage of face, shoulders and back, as well as a wonderful foot massage, a real treat for my runner’s feet (and I fell asleep!). Her first suggestion for my dry skin was not which products to purchase but to make sure I took lots of essential fatty acids, she said my skin would really appreciate it; so I poured a generous ‘glug’ of Udo’s oin in the smoothie I’m drinking right now! She also offered me samples of a cleanser that would work well for my ’sun-kissed’ summer skin and I purchased a nice rich moisturizer to keep my complexion looking like I just came from her Spa.
— Donna Davis