Woman Divine Holistic Skin Care is a small artisan company which is dedicated to ethical, socially conscious and transparent business practices.

Our contribution to the holistic skin care movement, comes through skin healing formulas handcrafted with ethically and organically sourced ingredients, mindfully created and delivered face treatments and an approach to beauty which in its essence is empowering our collective wisdom.

We believe in transparency and we are not into playing mind games with our clients. We never use fear-based psychology in order to sell. We don’t clutter your inbox with constant emails because we trust that if you like our products and/or treatments, YOU will know when you need a refill.
We don’t offer ‘specials’ to create hype and encourage impulsive shopping. Our prices are set with fairness and accessibility in mind from the get go.

We believe that pure food and pure skin care ought to be available and accessible to everyone who wishes to live a healthy life.

As a business, we have made a conscious decision to offer our impeccable quality, top of the line botanical skin care products at accessible prices. This is one of our contributions to make the world a better place. In order to deliver this to our clients, we choose to sell our products only through the WD Westboro studio and our online shop. This way we avoid the middle man and all price increases that come with wholesaling to other businesses. 

We like to be clear and transparent about everything we do. Our products are locally made.
We call ourselves artisan, because this is what we truly are. 
Our production happens 100% with our hands, always micro-batch, always fresh. 
We work with local organic small growers, who like us, are dedicated to sustainability, integrity and healthy living.
Ingredients sourced globally also come from small sustainable and organic producers.

At the core Woman Divine is about honest, conscious and supportive relationships. Starting with the self, community, plants, all living beings and the planet, we aim to enrich life in beautiful and meaningful ways.