Bliss out your bathroom, it's getting cold!

A bath is one of my favorite home beauty treatments for fall and winter. On a cool day nothing will warm my spirit, relax my muscles and soften my skin like a soothing soak in a tub infused with the scent of herbs and essential oils. 
The bathroom is often the only place (if you have a busy family life) where you can lock the door, stop the world and escape. I am sure most of you know exactly what I am talking about... . It is worth your while to organize your bathroom ahead of time for your bliss out power sessions.
First if you can, please please get a water purifier for your tub. If you are going to soak in your tub, make sure that the water is free of harmful chemicals. There is a lot of evidence and research to prove harmful effect of chlorine on our health. It will be good for you and other members of your family, especially your kids. One of the sources for water purifiers is NEW WAVE ENVIRO.
Once you have this set up the rest is play.

I always have a good book, a cup of herbal tea and a beautiful pheylonian mini-lite candle going.  Often it is the only time I have in my busy day to read for pleasure.  Maybe music is something that rocks your boat... A cup of hot herbal tea adds coziness to my experience; any tea my heart desires. The pheylonian candles smell amazing!

About every two months I stock up on bath oils. I blend them myself:)). It is a blend of base oil like almond or camellia oil and essential oils. Essential oils change according to what I feel I need... maybe lavender for relaxation, eucalyptus to ward off a cold or a flu...
I can custom blend bath oils for you if you would like. Visit Woman Divine to learn more about my oils and write me an email to order.
I love bath oils because they leave my skin feeling beautiful and nourished. If needed I can also customize them to become very effective remedies for a variety of ailments.

If you are going to do it yourself I would suggest about a tablespoon of base oil and 10 drops of essential oil.  1 Tbsp of oil is approximately 10 ml. If you get a 100ml bottle of let's say almond oil, it will be enough for 10 baths.  Use more common essential oils like the Lavender (Lavendula Angustafolia) or Eucalyptus (Radiata)  and stay away from citrus, mint, clove... in your bath water.
Essential oils are very potent and it is a good idea to use the with caution. Always educate yourself before you use them, that's all.

Bath salts are a wonderful addition to your bath. You can use them scented or just plain.
Stock up on Epsom salts, Dead Sea mineral salts or Himalayan salts or all of the above. I usually put one cup of salt in my tub. Most salts are detoxifying and help to remineralize the skin. They also neutralize the trace elements which harden water.

But before you hop in your tub dry brush (natural bristle brush is a must) your skin for an added health and beauty benefit. This is a very simple practice (good to implement on a daily basis) that will immensely improve the health of your skin and your body. It helps to move fluids; lymph congestion, water retention, and improves the blood circulation.
Start at the bottom of your feet and gently work your way up omitting the delicate breast area.
Watch the dead skin cells fly off your body... rinse and now you are ready to enjoy your bath. Make sure to lock the door. For the next 30 minutes you are not available:))

BATHING RULES that are good to know.
  • bathe when your stomach is empty

  • elderly, young children, anyone with high or very low blood pressure, heart condition,  poor circulation should stick to lower temperature baths
  • morning bath - 10min - 96.8 degrees Fahrenheit (36 degrees centigrade)
  • evening bath - 15-20min - 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit (37 degrees centigrade) to 102 degrees Fahrenheit (39 degrees centigrade)
  • muscle pain and after physical exertion bath -104 to 107degrees Fahrenheit  (40-42 degrees centigrade)
  • a cold shower after a hot bath will tone the skin and increase the resistance to colds and infections
  • a toxin-eliminating bath is best followed by a rest period under a warm blanket, followed by a cool shower and the application of appropriate oils 
  • after a hot bath replenish fluids by drinking water